Degree Level Change and Program Change

Students wanting to change a degree level must do the following:

Submit the Degree Level Change Request form. This form may only be used when changing degrees within the same department AND with exact degree titles.

The table below shows under which conditions a student must submit the Degree Level Change Request form.

  MS Thesis   to    MS Non-Thesis
  MS Non-Thesis   to   MS Thesis
  MS Thesis   to   Master of Engineering (Non-Thesis)
  Master of Engineering (Non-Thesis)   to   MS Thesis
  Currently in PHD and dropping   to   MS Thesis or MS (Non-Thesis)

Note: All students submitting this form may also need to submit a new Degree Audit Form if one was already submitted prior to making the change in degree level

***For example, changing from an MS (Thesis) in “Chemical Engineering” to an MS (Non-Thesis) in “Chemical Engineering” constitutes a change to a degree level with the “Same Program Name”. Changing from an MS (Thesis) in “Geology” to an MS (non-thesis) in “Mineral Exploration” constitutes a change to a degree program with a “Different Degree Name”.

PhD students wanting to add a master’s degree with the exact same degree title (PhD in Electrical Engineering adding an MS in Electrical Engineering) must:

Students wanting to add degree programs must do the following:

Submit a new application online for the new degree program for the following conditions:

  • If currently in PhD degree program and adding any Master’s degree program with a different degree title
  • If currently in any Master’s degree program and adding a PhD degree program
  • If changing Master’s degree major/title

Consult the new degree program/department to determine which components of the application they will require.