Dismissal Appeal Form

Graduate students are expected to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher, receive no PRU grades, meet departmental requirements to be admitted into candidacy and or successfully defend a thesis/dissertation within two attempts. Any student who fails to meet these standards is subject to academic probation. Please see the Academic Standing Rules chart for details.

Unsatisfactory Academic Performance Resulting in Mandatory Dismissal

Unsatisfactory performance as gauged by any of the following measures shall result in immediate, mandatory dismissal of a graduate student:

  • Failure to successfully defend the thesis after two attempts;
  • Failure to be admitted to candidacy; or
  • Failure by a student subject to discretionary dismissal to achieve a performance milestone or meet a deadline contained in his or her remedial plan.

The Dean of Graduate Studies shall be notified promptly of any situation that may subject a student to mandatory dismissal. In this event, the Dean shall notify the student of his or her dismissal and inform the student of his or her right to appeal the dismissal.

To appeal a dismissal:

  1. Complete the Dismissal Appeal Form
  2. Attach documentation of extenuating circumstances
  3. Submit form and documentation within 10 business day of receiving dismissal letter from the Office of Graduate Studies