General Registration Requirements

Fall and spring semesters: All CSM graduate students must have continuous registration (minimum of 1 or more credits).

  • Students must register by the registration deadline (see academic calendar), or pay a $100 late registration fee.
  • Students may add/drop courses through census day (see academic calendar).  Any changes to a schedule after census day must be made through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Only courses for credit count towards full time status.  Although students pay for audited courses (No Credit or NC), those courses do not count towards full time status.
  • Students who wish to take a semester off (fall or spring) must submit a Leave of Absence form.
    • Students who do not submit the leave paperwork and do not register for the fall and/or spring semesters will be inactivated.  To resume studies at CSM, inactivated students will be required to re-apply for admission and will pay a $200 re-activation fee.

Dropping Last Course/Credit in Fall or Spring semesters
Students wishing to drop their last class/credit for the fall or spring semesters must submit to the Office of Graduate Studies either: Withdrawal from Graduate School form or Leave of Absence form

Summer Registration: Summer registration is optional, unless a student is graduating in August, graduating in December and checking-out early, on a summer RA contract or using campus resources. For a detailed explanation of who is required to register in the summer, click here.

Students wishing to drop their last class/credit for the summer semester must contact the Registrar’s Office at

For more detailed information, visit the Registration Policies section of the Catalog.