General Registration

This page contains general registration information for fall, spring and summer as well as international student eligibility and requirements. If there are degree-type specific registration requirements, they will be listed on the Navigate Your Degree page.

Fall and Spring semesters

All MINES graduate students must have continuous registration (minimum of 1 or more credits)

  • Students must register by the registration deadline (see academic calendar).
  • Students may add/drop courses through the posted deadlines for full term (16 week session) or 8 week sessions. (see academic calendar)   Any changes to a schedule after drop deadlines, must be made through the Registrar’s Office and are typically not eligible for refunds.
  • Only courses for credit count towards full time status.  Although students pay for audited courses (No Credit or NC), those courses do not count towards full time status.
  • Students who wish to take a semester off (fall or spring) must submit a Leave of Absence form, prior to Census Day of that semester.
    • Students who do not submit the leave paperwork and do not register for the fall and/or spring semesters will be inactivated.  To resume studies, inactivated students will be required to re-apply for admission.
  • RA’s, TA’s and Graduate Hourly employees must either be registered full-time (9 or more credits) or on Reduced Registration.

Dropping Last Course/Credit in Fall or Spring semesters

Students wishing to drop their last class/credit for the fall or spring semesters must submit to the Office of Graduate Studies either: Withdrawal from Courses form or Leave of Absence form (prior to drop deadline.) For withdrawals, please review MINES’s refund policy.



  • In Fall and Spring, international students must be registered full-time with a minimum of 9 credits OR on Reduced Registration.
  • In Summer, international students do not need to be registered unless it is a condition of a certain appointment or contract type, or they are using campus resources, or working on a thesis, or in their final semester.
  • To be deemed full-time during the summer, students must register for at least 3 credits.
  • Note: The above academic definition of full-time for fall, spring, and summer applies to International Students (F and J) for status maintenance purposes.
  • International students may start in Summer with appropriate approvals. Please reach out to the Office of International Students and Scholars (ISSS) for specifics on that process.


  • Students that meet the below qualifications may, with approval from the ISSS, be able to register part-time.

*Contact ISSS to inquire about eligibility and approval for part-time registration in the final semester for international students.

See the Navigating Your Degree descriptions for additional information.


Office of Graduate Studies

Alderson 451


Summer Registration

Unlike fall and spring registration, which is required, summer registration is optional unless a student is in their first semester at Mines OR in a category that requires registration, described below.


  • All students who start at Mines in a summer term must register for at least one credit.
  • Domestic students may only need to register for one credit unless they are on a summer graduate contract requiring more (see below).
  • International students typically start their degree program in Fall or Spring semesters, but may contact ISSS to determine if they are eligible for summer start. If so, their required registration will be 3 credits, consistent with the academic definition of full-time status in Summer described above. 


Students on a Summer RA, TA or Hourly Contract

STUDENTS on a SUMMER RA CONTRACTMust register for 3 credits of research (707) in Summer if on a 0.5 FTE contract. Must register for 1.5 credits of research (707) in Summer if on a 1.0 FTE contract. In many cases, the OGS Summer Research Tuition Fellowship may apply.
STUDENTS on a SUMMER TA or HOURLY CONTRACTDo not need to register for summer, unless using campus resources in the summer* or working on thesis research (registration in at least 1 research credit is required).
STUDENTS NOT on a SUMMER RA CONTRACT & NOT GRADUATING (see below for details)Do not need to register for summer, unless using campus resources in the summer* or working on thesis research (registration in at least 1 research credit is required).


Students Graduating in August

Students Graduating in August must register for at least 1 credit in Summer. If on an 0.5 FTE RA contract, registration in 3 research credits is required. If on a 1.0 FTE RA contract, registration in 1.5 research credits is required.


Students Graduating in December

There is no longer an early December checkoutStudents should plan on meeting the new standard check-out deadlines for August graduation.
Who plan to meet the standard check-out deadlineDo not need to register for summer, unless using campus resources in the summer*. Students working on research in the summer must register for research credits.



*Campus Resources: Any student using campus resources in the summer MUST register for at least 1 summer credit.

Examples of campus resources (other examples may apply) include working:

  • in a campus lab
  • with an advisor or committee members (research, thesis content, defending)
  • with other students (on research)
  • with MINES staff (formatting thesis, checking out)

*Financial Aid: Students receiving certain types of financial aid may need to maintain a specific level of registration in Summer; please contact for more information.