All Colorado School of Mines Graduate students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Failure to maintain a 3.0 or higher G.P.A. could result in:

The system for expressing the quality of a student’s work is based on quality points and quality hours.                  

Grade*                  Quality Points

A                                 4.0

A-                                3.7

B+                               3.3

B                                 3.0

B-                                2.7

C+                               2.3

C                                 2.0

C-                                1.7

D+                               1.3

D                                 1.0

D-                                .70

F                                  0.0

*CSM graduate students may only use courses with a grade of C- or better towards a degree.

To calculate GPA:

  1. Multiple the number of course credits by the Quality Points for the grade earned (for example: a 3 credit class with a grade of B+ would be 3 credits x 3.3 quality points = total of 9.9 total quality points)
  2. Add the total Quality Points of all courses
  3. Add the total credits earned
    1. Do not include the credits for courses with grades of W, WI, INC, PRG, PRU, or NC, because these are not counted in GPA hours, and do not receive quality points.
  4. Divide the total Quality Points by the total number of credits

Students may use the Unofficial GPA Calculator to estimate potential term and cumulative GPA.  OFFICIAL GPA IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON TRANSCRIPTS.

For more information on GPA, visit the Registrar’s GPA website