Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty are faculty members who may serve as a primary advisor for thesis-based students. All tenure/tenure track faculty are automatically granted Graduate Faculty status. Other eligible faculty members may apply for Graduate Faculty status by completing the Graduate Faculty Application form. Please note, this form is for use by faculty only, not students.
-Eligible faculty include: Teaching Faculty, Research Faculty, Professor’s of Practice, Emeritus Faculty and External Joint Appointees. Affiliate Faculty, Adjunct Faculty and Post-Docs are not eligible for Graduate Faculty status.

You may search for Graduate Faculty by faculty name or department name.

Approved Graduate Faculty List

Name (Last, First)DepartmentInterdisciplinary Program
Aaen, PeterElectrical Engineering
Abbud-Madrid, AngelMechanical Engineering
Adams, DanielPhysics
Agarwal, SumitChemical and Biological EngineeringMaterials Science
Al-Jassim, Mowafac
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Amery, HusseinHumanities Arts & Social SciencesHydrology
Amin Ahmadi, BenhamMechanical Engineering
Ammerman, RavelElectrical Engineering
Anderson, Corby G.Mining & Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Anderson, Donna
Geology and Geological Engineering
Arkadan, ABDElectrical Engineering
Asle Zaeem, MohsenMechanical Engineering
Bach, Joel M.Mechanical Engineering
Bandyopadhyay, SoutirApplied Mathematics and Statistics
Behn, Cecilia D.Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Bellona, Christopher L.Civil and Environmental Engineering
Belviranli, MehmetComputer Science
Benson, David A.Geology and Geological EngineeringHydrology
Berger, John R.Mechanical EngineeringMaterials Science
Bialecki, BernardApplied Mathematics and Statistics
Bogin, Gregory E.Mechanical Engineering
Bourne, Gerald
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Boyd, Thomas M.Geophysics
Bozdag, Hatice E.Geophysics
Bradford, John H.GeophysicsHydrology
Braun, Robert J.Mechanical Engineering
Brennecka, Geoffrey L.Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Brice, CraigMechanical Engineering
Brune, Jürgen Mining Engineering
Bunge, AnnetteChemical and Biological Engineering
Camp, Tracy K.Computer Science
Carbone, Jared C.Economics and Business
Carr, Lincoln D.Physics
Carr, MaryGeology and Geological Engineering
Carreon, Moises A.Chemical and Biological Engineering
Cash, Kevin J.Chemical and Biological Engineering
Cath, Tzahi Y.Civil and Environmental EngineeringHydrology
Chang, ZhaoshanGeology and Geological Engineering
Chauhan, AnujChemical and Biological Engineering
Ciobanu, CristianMechanical EngineeringMaterials Science
Clarke, Amy J.Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Clarke, Kester D.Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Collins, Reuben T.Physics
Cornejo, Ivan
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Cryderman, Robert
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Dagdelen, KadriMining EngineeringOperations Research with Engineering
Dantam, Neil T.Computer Science
Davis, Elizabeth V.Humanities Arts & Social Sciences
De Moor, Emmanuel L.Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
DeCaluwe, Steven C.Mechanical Engineering
Deinert, Mark R.Mechanical EngineeringNuclear Engineering
Diercks, David
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Domaille, Dylan W.Chemistry
Dreyer, ChrisMechanical Engineering
Dugan, Brandon E.GeophysicsHydrology
Durfee, Charles G.Physics
Duzgun, Sebnem H.Mining Engineering
Eberhart, Mark E.ChemistryMaterials Science
Eggert, Roderick G.Economics and BusinessNuclear Engineering
Eley, Serena
Elsherbeni, Atef Z.Electrical Engineering
Enders, M. Stephen
Geology and Geological Engineering
Eustes, Alfred W.Petroleum Engineering
Fan, YilinPetroleum Engineering
Farnsworth, NikkiChemical & Biological Engineering
Fasshauer, Gregory E.Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Field, Robert
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Figueroa, Linda A.Civil and Environmental EngineeringNuclear Engineering
Findley, Kip O.Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringNuclear Engineering
Fisher, WendyComputer Science
Flamand, TulayEconomics and BusinessOperations Research with Engineering
Flournoy, AlexPhysics
French, MarshaGeology and Geological Engineering
Furtak, ThomasPhysics
Ganesh, MahadevanApplied Mathematics and Statistics
Gardner, TracyChemical and Biological Engineering
Gennett, ThomasChemistryMaterials Science
Gianquitto, Tina L.Humanities Arts & Social Sciences
Gilbert, Benjamin T.Economics and Business
Gilmore, RichardMining Engineering
Goldfarb, Richard
Geology and Geological Engineering
Gomez Gualdron, Diego A.Chemical and Biological Engineering
Gong, ZhexuanPhysics
Gorman, Brian P.Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Graas, Carole
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Gregg, Karin L.Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Greife, UwePhysicsNuclear Engineering
Griffiths, D. V.Civil and Environmental Engineering
Grubb, JohnMining Engineering
Gutierrez, Marte S.Civil and Environmental EngineeringHydrology, Underground Construction and Tunnel Engineering
Gysi, Alexander P.Geology and Geological EngineeringEnvironmental Geochemistry
Hammerling, DoritApplied Mathematics and Statistics
Han, QiComputer Science
Hancock, Kathleen J.Humanities Arts & Social Sciences
Harrison, Wendy J.Geology and Geological EngineeringEnvironmental Geochemistry
Haupt, Randy L.Electrical Engineering
Hedayat, AhmadrezaCivil and Environmental EngineeringUnderground Construction and Tunnel Engineering
Heeley, Michael B.Economics and Business
Heilbrunn, John R.Humanities Arts & Social Sciences
Herring, Andrew M.Chemical and Biological Engineering
Higgins, Christopher P.Civil and Environmental EngineeringHydrology
Hildreth, OwenMechanical Engineering
Hodge, Nanette R.Chemical and Biological Engineering
Hoff, William A.Computer Science
Hogue, Terri S.Civil and Environmental EngineeringHydrology
Holley, Elizabeth A.Mining Engineering
Hunt, Richard A.Economics and Business
Illangasekare, Tissa H.Civil and Environmental EngineeringHydrology
Jackson, Gregory S.Mechanical Engineering
Jackson, JessicaChemistryNuclear Engineering
Jensen, Mark P.ChemistryNuclear Engineering
Jin, GeGeophysics
Jobe, ZaneGeology and Geological Engineering
Johnson, Kathryn E.Electrical Engineering
Johnson, Paul C.President
Johnson, Thys B.Mining Engineering
Kapit, Eliot
Kappes, BrandenMechanical Engineering
Karaivanov, VentziMechanical Engineering
Karakaya, CananMechanical Engineering
Kaufman, Michael J.Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Kaunda, Rennie B.Mining EngineeringHydrology, Underground Construction and Tunnel Engineering
Kazemi, HosseinPetroleum Engineering
Kee, Robert J.Mechanical Engineering
Kelly, NigelGeology and Geological Engineering
Kim, EunhyeMining EngineeringUnderground Construction and Tunnel Engineering
King, Jeffrey C.Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringNuclear Engineering, Operations Research with Engineering
Kinzli, KristophCivil and Environmental Engineering
Klein, JudithChemical and Biological Engineering
Knauss, Daniel M.ChemistryMaterials Science
Koh, CarolynChemical and Biological Engineering
Krahenbuhl, RichardGeophysics
Krebs, Melissa D.Chemical and Biological Engineering
Kroepsch, Adrianne C.Humanities Arts & Social SciencesHydrology
Kuiper, Yvette D.Geology and Geological Engineering
Kumar, NitinPhysics
Kwon, StephanieChemical & Biological Engineering
Lamberson, LeslieMechanical Engineering
Landis, Amy E.Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lange, Ian A.Economics and Business
Leach, David
Geology and Geological Engineering
Leach, Kyle G.PhysicsNuclear Engineering
Legault, Laura (Hobbes)Computer Science
Leydens, Jon A.Humanities Arts & Social Sciences
Li, YaoguoGeophysicsHydrology
Liu (Chuen), Stephen L.Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Lowe, Terry
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Lu, NingCivil and Environmental EngineeringHydrology
Lusk, Mark T.Physics
Madeni, Juan Carlo
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Maniloff, Peter T.Economics and Business
Marr, David W.Chemical and Biological Engineering
Martin, Paul A.Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Martins, Gerard
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Matlock, David
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Maxwell, Reed M.Geology and Geological EngineeringHydrology
McClurg, JedidiahComputer Science
McCray, John E.Civil and Environmental EngineeringHydrology
McGuirk, Christopher MichaelChemistryMaterials Science
Mehta, Dinesh P.Computer ScienceOperations Research with Engineering
Midson, Steve
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Milkov, Alexei V.Geology and Geological Engineering
Miller, Hugh B.Mining Engineering
Mishra, Brajendra
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Miskimins, Jennifer L.Petroleum Engineering
Mohagheghi, SalmanElectrical Engineering
Monecke, ThomasGeology and Geological Engineering
Mooney, Michael A.Civil and Environmental EngineeringUnderground Construction and Tunnel Engineering
Moore, Kevin L.Electrical Engineering
Morrison, ChristineChemistry
Munakata Marr, JunkoCivil and Environmental EngineeringHydrology
Nakagawa, MasamiMining Engineering
Navidi, William C.Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Nayeri, PayamElectrical Engineering
Nelson, PriscillaMining EngineeringUnderground Construction and Tunnel Engineering
Newman, Alexandra M.Mechanical EngineeringOperations Research with Engineering
Nilsen, OyvindMechanical Engineering
Nychka, DougApplied Mathematics and Statistics
O'Hayre, Ryan P.Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
O'Kelley, Brock
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Ohno, Timothy R.PhysicsMaterials Science
Olson, David
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Osborne, AndrewMechanical EngineeringNuclear Engineering
Osgood, Kenneth A.Humanities Arts & Social Sciences
Ozbay, Mustafa U.Mining Engineering
Ozkan, ErdalPetroleum Engineering
Packard, Corinne E.Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Painter-Wakefield, ChristopherComputer Science
Palin, Richard M.Geology and Geological Engineering
Pankavich, Stephen D.Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Paone, JeffreyComputer Science
Pei, ShilingCivil and Environmental Engineering
Petrella, Anthony J.Mechanical Engineering
Petruska, Andrew J.Mechanical Engineering
Pfaff, Katharina
Geology and Geological Engineering
Plink-Bjorklund, PiretGeology and Geological Engineering
Porter, Jason M.Mechanical Engineering
Posewitz, Matthew C.Chemistry
Prasad, MonicaGeophysics and Petroleum Engineering
Pylypenko, SvitlanaChemistryMaterials Science
Queneau, Paul
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Ramey, CJ (Josh)Chemical and Biological Engineering
Ranville, James F.ChemistryEnvironmental Geochemistry, Hydrology
Reimanis, IvarMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringNuclear Engineering, Materials Science
Richards, Ryan M.ChemistryMaterials Science
Ricote, SandrineMechanical Engineering
Rockett, Angus A.Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Rodriguez, DerrickMechanical Engineering
Rostami, JamalMining EngineeringUnderground Construction and Tunnel Engineering
Roth, DanicaGeology and Geological EngineeringHydrology
Samaniuk, Joseph R.Chemical and Biological Engineering
Sampaio, Jorge H.Petroleum Engineering
Sanders, Michael
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Santi, Paul M.Geology and Geological EngineeringHydrology
Sarazin, FredericPhysicsNuclear Engineering
Sarg, J. Rick
Geology and Geological Engineering
Sarkar, Susanta K.Physics
Sava, Paul C.Geophysics
Seetharaman, SridharMetallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Sellinger, Alan S.ChemistryMaterials Science
Sen, Pankaj K.Electrical Engineering
Shafer, Jenifer C.ChemistryNuclear Engineering
Sharp, Jonathan O.Civil and Environmental EngineeringEnvironmental Geochemistry, Hydrology
Shchedrin, GavriilPhysics
Shragge, Jeffrey C.Geophysics
Siegfried, Matthew
Silverman, Anne K.Mechanical Engineering
Simmons, James L.Geophysics
Simoes, Marcelo G.Electrical Engineering
Singh, MeenakshiPhysics
Singha, KaminiGeology and Geological EngineeringHydrology
Sitchler, Alexis K.Geology and Geological EngineeringEnvironmental Geochemistry, Hydrology
Smith, Nicole M.Mining Engineering
Smith, Steven M.Economics and BusinessHydrology
Smits, Kathleen M.Civil and Environmental EngineeringHydrology
Snieder, Roelof (Roel)Geophysics
Sonnenberg, Stephen Geology and Geological Engineering
Sowers, GeorgeMechanical Engineering
Spear, John R.Civil and Environmental EngineeringEnvironmental Geochemistry, Hydrology
Speer, John G.Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Spiller, Erik
Mining & Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Squier, JeffPhysics
Stebner, Aaron P.Mechanical EngineeringMaterials Science
Steele, JohnMechanical Engineering
Steirer, KennethPhysics
Stevanovic, VladanMetallurgical and Materials Engineering
Straker, James D.Humanities Arts & Social Sciences
Strathmann, Timothy J.Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sullivan, Neal P.Mechanical EngineeringMaterials Science
Sum, Amadeu K.Chemical and Biological Engineering
Swidinsky, AndreiGeophysics
Tabares Velasco, Paulo CesarMechanical Engineering
Tang, GongguoElectrical Engineering
Taylor, Patrick R.Mining & Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Tenorio, Luis F.Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Thomas, Brian G.Mechanical Engineering
Thompson, Steven W.Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Tilton, Nils G.Mechanical EngineeringHydrology
Toberer, Eric S.PhysicsMaterials Science
Trainor-Guitton, Whitney J.GeophysicsHydrology
Trewyn, Brian G.ChemistryMaterials Science
Trudgill, Bruce D.Geology and Geological Engineering
Tsvankin, IlyaGeophysics
Tucker, Garritt J.Mechanical EngineeringMaterials Science
Tunstall, LoriCivil & Environmental Engineering
Tura, Ali C.Geophysics
Tutuncu, Azra N.Petroleum Engineering
Van Tyne, Chester
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringOperations Research with Engineering
Vidal, Edgar
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Vidal, Judith
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Vincent, Tyrone L.Electrical Engineering
Voelker, Bettina M.ChemistryEnvironmental Geochemistry, Hydrology
Vyas, ShubhamChemistryMaterials Science
Wakin, Michael B.Electrical Engineering
Walton, Gabriel G.Geology and Geological EngineeringUnderground Construction and Tunnel Engineering
Wang, HuaComputer Science
Way, James D. (Doug)Chemical and Biological EngineeringMaterials Science
Wiencke, Lawrence R.Physics
Williams, Kim R.ChemistryMaterials Science
Williams, Thomas E.Computer Science
Wolden, Colin A.Chemical and Biological EngineeringMaterials Science
Wood, Leslie J.Geology and Geological Engineering
Wu, BoComputer Science
Wu, David T.ChemistryMaterials Science
Wu, NingChemical and Biological EngineeringMaterials Science
Wu, Yu-ShuPetroleum EngineeringHydrology
Yang, DejunComputer ScienceOperations Research with Engineering
Yin, XiaolongPetroleum Engineering
Yu, ZhenzhenMetallurgical and Materials Engineering
Yue, ChuanComputer Science
Zakutayey, Andriy
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMaterials Science
Zerpa Acosta, Luis E.Petroleum Engineering
Zhang, HaoComputer Science
Zhang, RuichongMechanical Engineering
Zhang, XiaoliMechanical Engineering
Zhou, Wendy W.Geology and Geological EngineeringHydrology, Underground Construction and Tunnel Engineering
Zhu, HuayangMechanical Engineering
Zhu, LiangzhuMechanical Engineering
Zhu, QinHumanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Zimmerman, Jeramy D.PhysicsMaterials Science
Jackson, JessicaChemistry