Graduation Information-Degree Evaluation

Your degree evaluation will show your progress towards your degree.

To see your degree evaluation, you need to:

If you see any “No” comments in the “Met” requirement column, you may need to:

Reasons why a “No” might appear:

  • Cumulative GPA is below 3.0
  • PRU grade for research
  • F grade
  • INC – incomplete grade
  • NC – No Credit
  • W – Withdrawal
  • Course not taken, but included on the Degree Audit form
  • Total required credits not met for degree
  • 400 or 500-level courses used towards undergraduate degree, but cannot be applied towards graduate degree and were included on Degree Audit form.
  • Thesis or Dissertation not approved yet by Office of Graduate Studies
  • PHD Qualifying Exam – requirement not met yet. This means that a PhD student has not submitted the Admission to Candidacy form yet.

”No” comments for the following may be OK:

  • 400 level courses currently in progress
  • Repeated courses currently in progress (i.e. if you have taken PHGN 505 previously and you are taking it again this semester).
  • Research that is not calculating correctly. Please check with the Office of Graduate Studies to make sure this is OK.
  • Earning two Master’s degrees with same degree type (ie. MS-thesis and MS-thesis).

To be awarded a degree, your degree plan must not have any “No” comments. Exceptions made only if research credits not calculating correctly, but all required research credit have been met for degree.