How to Apply to Graduate

The Graduation Application is now ONLINE on Trailhead.

  • You can find it under Self Service – Student Tab – Student Records – Apply to Graduate. For more detailed instructions, click here.
  • You may only apply to graduate after you have submitted all the required forms.  To view the specific requirements by degree type, go to Steps to Graduation.

If you cannot apply to graduate in Trailhead, either:

  • You have not submitted your Degree Audit and/or Admission to Candidacy (PhDs only) form(s) to the Office of Graduate Studies. To see the deadlines for submitting these forms, please visit our Graduation Deadlines page.  If you think that you have submitted the form, contact the Office of Graduate Studies. Please provide your Campus Wide ID (CWID) in your email.
  • You have already applied to graduate. To see if you have already applied, log onto Trailhead and view your graduation applications. For directions, click on the Apply to Graduate directions, but instead of clicking on apply to graduate, click on view application to graduate, which is below the apply to graduate tab.
    • If you have applied to graduate, but need to change the graduation term, you will need to contact OGS to remove the old application.
  • If you can start to apply, but you do not see the appropriate term to graduate, look at the screen. If it says curriculum at the top, simply click submit and you will eventually get to a screen where you can select the appropriate term.
    • Please note: graduation applications are only available 1 year in advance. For example, if you want to apply to graduate in May 2018, you need to wait until after the May 2017 ceremony.

Students may apply to graduate in:

May: Degrees awarded and commencement ceremony
August: Degrees awarded. There is no commencement ceremony in August. Students who have a degree awarded in August may walk in the December commencement ceremony
December: Degrees awarded and commencement ceremony

After students apply to graduate in Trailhead, they will be enrolled in a CANVAS Graduation Check-Out course. OGS will enroll students during specific times of the year. 

  • December Graduates will be enrolled beginning in early August
  • May Graduates will be enrolled beginning in early December
  • August Graduates will be enrolled beginning in mid-April

 To graduate, all students must complete the Graduation Check-Out Course by the deadline and all thesis based students must upload and have their thesis formatting approved by the deadlines.