Incomplete Grades

Students who are not able to complete the required coursework to receive a grade in a class may work with their instructor to receive an Incomplete grade for the course.

Students who are not graduating: A grade of INC must be changed within the one (1) year from the semester of attendance following the semester in which it was received.

  • If the grade is not change within that timeframe, it will be changed to an F (failed) by the Registrar.
    • If an instructor wishes to grant an extension to the four week deadline before the INC grade expires to an F, he or she must contact the Registrar’s Office directly before the four-week deadline

Students who are graduating: A grade of INC must be changed within 10 business days after graduation.

  • In the event than an INC grade remains upon completion of degree, the INC will be converted to an F and included in the final GPA.

To change an INC grade to a letter grade, the instructor of the course must submit an Official Grade Change form to the Registrar’s Office.

For more information on Incomplete Grades, please visit the Registrar’s website.