Master’s Non-Thesis – Steps to Graduation

Master's Non-Thesis - Steps to Graduation

Submit Degree Audit Form● Required for all students
● Required for every degree
● Due November 1st for May graduation, March 1st for August graduation and May 1st for December graduation
Apply to Graduate in Trailhead ● Students will be informed by email when form has been processed and may now apply to graduate in Trailhead.
● Apply by Census Day of semester graduating unless checking out early. See Deadlines
Complete CANVAS Check-out CourseAfter applying to graduate in Trailhead, OGS will enroll students in a CANVAS Checkout Course.
(Note: this is not automatic nor on the same day as application. It will be done in batches by OGS as more students apply, so be looking for an email regarding the course.)
● For December graduation - course invitation starting early August
● For May graduation - course invitation starting early December
● For August graduation - course invitation starting mid April
Students must do the following:
● accept course invitation
● complete 100% of the course
● complete course by 5:00 pm on Upload and Check-out Course Completion deadline deadline
Commencement Website Only students who have met all the above requirements may walk in the ceremony. Students walking in Commencement Ceremony are required to check commencement website early in the semester for all commencement related requirements. See Commencement Ceremony Information