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The Graduate Student Government provides support through a number of grants and fellowships. For a full listing, including applications, forms and guidelines, visit the GSG Grant page.

OGS Completion Fellowships

Completion Fellowships (formerly known as Continuance Fellowships) are offered by the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) to cover 1 credit of tuition, fees, and insurance for thesis-based students in the final semester of their MS or PhD program, whose prior continuous funding (e.g. via RA, TA, fellowship contract, or external sponsorship) is no longer available due to unforeseen circumstances.

All U.S. and international students must be enrolled for a minimum of 1 credit in the final semester of their degree program. If the student, advisor, and department/program have no other financial resources available for the minimum required 1 unit of tuition, fees, and insurance, Completion Fellowships are intended to provide this last resort assistance, to enable the student to complete all requirements for his/her degree. Completion Fellowships do not include stipends for living expenses.

Applications for Completion Fellowships are accepted for fall, spring, and summer. Students may receive the fellowship only once.

To be eligible for these fellowships, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have received prior continuous support via RA, TA, fellowship, or external sponsorship that covered tuition, fees, health insurance (unless waived), and stipend in all Fall and Spring terms
  2. Are entering the final semester of their thesis-based degree program (i.e. student has met all requirements except completion of their thesis, is eligible for reduced registration and will graduate by the end of the semester for which the fellowship is awarded)
  3. Are in good academic standing
  4. Have not previously been awarded this fellowship
  5. Have experienced significant unforeseen circumstances that have led to lack of support for tuition & fees (e.g. withdrawal of sponsorship funding; discontinuation of a research grant; medical emergency; family emergency; extended lab closure or lack of access to work sites due to COVID-19. These circumstances must be described and documented by the student and/or their advisor, as applicable)

In Fall 2021, Completion Fellowships will provide students with coverage of 1 credit of tuition and the associated fees, plus health insurance if the student has not waived Mines student health insurance. Tuition and fee charges are posted by the Bursar’s Office. Frequently Asked Questions about Completion Fellowship support will be coming soon. Additional questions may be directed to Assistant Dean Jenny Briggs: jsbriggs@mines.edu. If a fellowship is awarded, OGS will work with department/program staff to share the appropriate financial information for the student’s contract.

Application Information/Deadlines: Applications should be addressed to the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and submitted electronically to the Office of Graduate Studies at grad.services@mines.edu. Late applications will only be considered under extenuating circumstances. Applications will be reviewed for eligibility and completeness by the Assistant Dean. The final decision will be made by the Graduate Dean based on available funds.


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