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Master’s Non-Thesis & Professional Master’s


Course Selection

Guidance on course selection is provided by departments, programs and advisors—see the Mines Graduate Catalog for information and course descriptions.

Transfer Credit

Visit the Transfer Credit page for details.

Academic Standing

Visit the Academic Standing page for details.


Visit the graduate studies grades page for details.


Visit the Degree Requirements-Minors page for details.

Steps to Graduation

Submit Degree Audit Form

  • Students complete this form at least one semester prior to their graduation term, when they have finished and/or registered for all their courses
  • Required for all students
  • Required for every degree
  • For fall and spring graduation, the form is due on last day of priority registration for that term (i.e. the prior semester). Please see the Academic Calendar for exact date
  • For August graduation, the form is due on March 1

Apply to Graduate in Trailhead

  • Students will be informed by email when form has been processed and may now apply to graduate in Trailhead.
  • Apply by Census Day of semester graduating unless checking out early. 

Complete CANVAS Check-out Course

After applying to graduate in Trailhead, OGS will enroll students in a CANVAS Checkout Course.
(Note: this is not automatic nor on the same day as application. It will be done in batches by OGS as more students apply, so be looking for an email regarding the course.)

  • For December graduation – course invitation starting early August
  • For May graduation – course invitation starting early December
  • For August graduation – course invitation starting mid-April

Students must do the following:

  • Accept course invitation
  • Complete 100% of the course
  • Complete course by 5:00 pm on Upload and Check-out Course Completion deadline


Students who have met all the above requirements may walk in the ceremony. Students walking in Commencement Ceremony are required to check the commencement website early in the semester for all commencement-related requirements. See Commencement Ceremony Information.


Visit the Mines Diploma site for details and ordering instructions for your diploma.

Withdrawal and Leave

If students wish to drop a class prior to Census Day, this may be done in Trailhead and no record will appear on the transcript. If students need to withdraw from a class prior to the Last Withdrawal Date, this may also be done in Trailhead and a W will appear on the transcript. Consult the Academic Calendar for these important dates and send questions to

Students withdrawing completely from their graduate program must complete the Withdrawal from Graduate School form before the last day of classes in the term. Students requesting leave for a semester for a necessary future absence must complete the Leave of Absence form before Census Day of the term they will be absent.

To submit a request for a partial refund of tuition following a withdrawal due to unforeseen, unusual circumstances and/or hardship, please visit Student Life

For any questions about withdrawals and leave, please email

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