Registration Requirements RA/TA Contracts

Fall and Spring Registration – RAs, TAs and Graduate hourly employees must be either be:
Registered full time  (9 or more credits) – or – On Reduced Registration

Summer Registration – optional for all students except RAs
Students on an RA contract must register for a minimum of 3 research credits (707) during the summer II term. Since 3 credits cost exactly the same as 4 credits in the summer, you may register for 3 credits of research + 1 credit of your choosing and pay the same amount.

  • In many cases, OGS will pay up to 4 credits of tuition for RAs during the summer II term. Please consult with the person who wrote your contract to verify who will be paying for your summer research credits. Please Note: if you register for more than 4 credits (see requirement above), you may be personally responsible for paying the additional tuition and fees. Please consult with the person who is writing your contract for details.
  • Summer research credit registration is only possible during summer II term. Contracts may start during summer I, but research registration must for be for summer II term. Registration system will not allow research registration for summer I term.

Note: OGS does not check graduate contracts, nor do we check registration for students on contracts (except for R.A.s during the summer II term).     

See General Registration Requirements tab for further information.