Registration Requirements – Reduced Registration – Approved

To be put on reduced registration, students must:

Register for either:

  • 4 credits of research (707)  – OR –
  • 3.5 credit of research (707) + .5 credit of MTGN 501 (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering major only) – OR –
  • 3 credits of research (707) + 1 credit of any of the following:
    • CBEN 605 (Chemical & Biological Engineering major only)
    • CHGN 560 OR 660 (Chemistry major only)
    • GPGN 581 or 681 (Geophysics major only
    • MTGN 501 (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering major only)
    • NUGN 505 (Nuclear Engineering major only)
    • PHGN 501, 502, 601 OR 602  (Physics major only)

Students on reduced registration may register for more than 4 credits, but must still meet requirement above. There is no set tuition and fee rate for reduced registration, so students on reduced registration will pay the tuition and fee rate for the number of credits registered.

  • If a student registers for 4 credits of research + 3 credits of coursework, the student will pay for 7 credits. Students on contract who have their tuition and fees paid by the department and decide to take more than the required 4 credits need to make sure that the department is willing to pay for the extra credits. If not, the student will be personally responsible for paying the extra tuition and fees.  
  • Students who register for 9 or more credits are considered full-time student and therefore do not need to be on reduced registration.

Please note: At the end of every year, students receive a 1099T for taxes. Although reduced registration makes you look like you are a full-time student, for tax purpose, your 1099T will indicate that you are a part-time student.