Thesis/Dissertation Publishing and Printing

Effective May 19, 2018, CSM will no longer print bound copies of theses or dissertations for departments and students.

  • Thesis based students graduating in May 2018 and any August 2018 graduates who check-out by May 18, 2018  will be the last groups of students to receive the free bound thesis.
  • Please note: students who graduate in August 2018, but check-out after May 18, 2018, will not get the free copies.

Publishing Theses/Dissertations
OGS and the Library will continue to ensure that every thesis/dissertation is published electronically, so students /departments can access the Electronic Thesis & Dissertations (ETDs).

View ETDs All questions about viewing ETDs need to be directed to the Library

Order a Printed and Bound Thesis/Dissertation
Anyone who would like to order bound copies of theses/ dissertations, you may still order through ProQuest or you may use other vendors.

Before printing, students should make sure all fonts are embedded. If fonts are not embedded, your thesis may not print properly.

Some vendors only print, so if you want your copy bound, you will need to find a vendor that can also bind your thesis/dissertation.  Please note: OGS is not endorsing any vendors, we are simply listing vendors that that have said they will print and bind a thesis. 

This is the company that currently prints the bound copies and will continue to publish all ETDs.
Authors (students) may order copies of their thesis/dissertation when creating and account with ProQuest.
After the account has been created and the thesis has been published, authors and non-authors may order copies at:

Anyone with questions about ordering need to contact ProQuest (not OGS) at:  (under Customer Support, click on Submit a Support Case)

ProQuest Prices: (Other options may be available. Please contact ProQuest with questions.)
Author prices:
 8 ½ x 11         Hardcover      Each $56 

  • 10% discount 3 for $150
  • 15% discount 4 for $189
  • 20% discount 5 or more, $45 each

8 ½ x 11          Softcover        Each $40.00 

  • 10% discount 3 for $108
  • 15% discount 4 for $136
  • 20% discount 5 or more, $32 each

6 x 9                 Hardcover      Each $46 

  • 10% discount 3 for $122
  • 15% discount 4 for $156
  • 20% discount 5 or more, $37 each

6 x 9                Softcover        Each $34.00 

  • 10% discount 3 for $92
  • 15% discount 4 for $116
  • 20% discount 5 or more, $27 each

Non authors are charged the following rates:

Unbound 8×11                       US $39.00
PDF Download **                  US $38.00
Paperback 6×9 only              US $56.00
Hardback  6×9 only               US $72.00 

Other Vendors (local)
Prices will vary depending on the number of pages, single sided or double sided, color print or black and white and type of binding. A typical printed and bound thesis single sided with color printing will cost approximately $100-$150.

Denver Bookbinding:   (Denver)
Alpha Graphics:  (Golden) This vendor may only bind theses in bulk, so if you are printing one thesis or a few theses, they may not bind. Please ask, before placing order.