Thrive Accreditation:

The Office of Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership is committed to furthering the undergraduate experience for all students.  Greek Life is an influential and proud community committed to helping students Thrive At Mines through  inclusive support, growth, and development of all chapter members and organizations.  We provide and develop an experience which promotes passionate and impactful leaders bonded by the ideas of mutual respect, tradition, civic and social responsibility, and academic excellence.

In addition, the Office of Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership-Greek Life has committed to the following learning outcomes for students.  Students who engage in Fraternity and Sorority Life will or will be able to:

  1. Illustrate personal responsibility and make informed decisions that are consistent with the core values of their national organization and the Mines Student Code of Conduct
  2. Recognize their individual strengths and passions to serve in leadership capacities to accomplish chapter and community goals and expectations
  3. Employ critical thinking skills to assess current systems, develop relevant questions, inspire change, and assess current and past practices to constructively form the goals and vision of each chapter and the Greek community
  4. Develop relationships and support structures within their chapters and the Greek community through IFC, Panhellenic, chapter social, and all Greek activities
  5. Implement self-governance and be able to consistently display a reasonable, flexible, and collaborative approach to leadership

Therefore, the purpose of this Accreditation process is to ensure that recognized chapters at Colorado School of Mines are meeting expectations of what it means to be a part of the Mines Community.  The Office of Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership-Greek Life believe that each chapter’s successes help to develop the community as a whole and prove how Greek Life helps students Thrive At Mines.  The Accreditation program should not be seen as a “one size fits all” model, but instead should encourage all Mines chapters to assess their current reality, determine goals to fit their individual chapter needs, develop action plans to meet their established goals, and reflect on successes and opportunities for improvement.  This process will help Mines Greek Life to continually grow and improve, achieve goals set for themselves, and remain in congruence with the shared values and expectations of the Mines campus community.

Areas of Focus:

  • Academic Achievement:  Fraternities and sororities should strive to assist members in their academic efforts. All chapters should actively work to support members in their academic efforts, promote lifelong learning, and create opportunities for growth and improvement related to academic excellence.
  • Chapter Management:  A high-performing chapter is one that is attentive to detail in all areas of chapter operations on campus. A chapter that excels in the area of chapter management is organized, efficient, and timely.  
  • External Relations:  It is important for each chapter to have a positive image with its various publics, including inter/national organization, alumni, parents, and community members. Chapters should be proactive in disseminating accurate and positive information about the fraternity/sorority experience.  These entities should be considered as external relations: Parents & families of members, Inter/national organization, Other fraternities & sororities, our own and other governing councils, Alumni/ae, faculty and staff, University and surrounding neighborhoods, the greater Golden community, Unaffiliated students/Potential members
  • Risk Management/Harm Reduction:  Risk Management/Harm Reduction is an important component of the fraternity and sorority experience. Harm reduction includes the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, understanding membership expectations, and the accountability measures associated with failure to meet them.
  • Inclusion:  Our diversity is the recognition that a community or institution’s success is dependent on how well it values, engages, and includes the rich differences of students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni constituents.
  • Recruitment and Retention:  Recruiting quality members and retaining them through membership development, leadership, and engagement are critical to the fraternity/sorority experience.
  • Membership Development, Leadership, and Engagement:  Developing members throughout their membership experience is a hallmark of fraternity and sorority involvement. Chapters should be working to identify ways to keep members engaged throughout their time in the chapter as well as develop leadership and skills through programming and education.
  • Philanthropy and Community Service:  Providing opportunities to serve others and support a cause are foundational to the fraternity/sorority experience as we engage in helping others be a part of something bigger than themselves.