Bunker Auditorium

Bunker Auditorium is the largest auditorium in Jefferson County and seats 1,100 patrons in traditional fully upholstered retracting theater seats.

NOTE:  Summer session (mid-May to early August) allows us to open up the upper-level balconies which increases total capacity to 1,300. Special conditions and additional cost apply when opening up the balconies which consist of non-traditional folding-tablet style seats.

Equipment and Features

Bunker Auditorium has been upgraded with a 10,000-watt JBL concert audio system, Roland Digital Audio console and ETC Element digital lighting control and a Da-Lite Professional Electrol 12.2″ x 22″ 16.9 widescreen movie screen. Green Center Technical Staff must run our house control booth equipment.  

Other on-site equipment for rent include:  Blu-Ray player, 7,000 ANSI XGA EIKI LCD projector, Audio Technica wireless microphones (Headset, Handheld, LAV), Shure SM-58 hardwire microphones, Audio-Technica hanging choir mics, hardwire Clear-Com, LED special effect gobo projectors (see photo below) a Troupette follow-spot, Allen 4-manual digital pipe organ and a Bluthner 9-foot Concert Grand Piano. Inquire about pricing.

Bunker Stage has a large orchestra lift if lowering staff or musicians is required for performances.

The Bunker Stage is equipped with a basement Greenroom consisting of two large rooms: Stage Left greenroom is 951 square feet and Stage Right greenroom is 859 square feet. There are two dedicated dressing rooms each with three independently lit makeup mirror vanities and two hanging clothes racks. The Greenroom also has single-person restrooms.


Watch a short demo of our Allen digital pipe organ

Seating Diagram