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If you missed UHS, you can contact our Department Manager, Karin Murray at or 303-273-3484.

Toni Lefton

Executive Director, University Honors and Scholars
Assistant Provost for the Student Signature Experience

Karin Murray

Department Manager, University Honors and Scholars

Kassandra Pontilo

Program Coordinator, University Honors and Scholars

Program Directors

Wendy Adams

Director, Teach@Mines

Melanie Brandt

Director, McBride Honors Program

Ashley Weibel

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Research Scholars and Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Lakshmi Krishna

Director, Undergraduate Research Scholars

Justin Latici

Associate Teaching Professor and Practicum Advisor

CJ McClelland

Director, Grandey First-Year Honors Experience
Director, Grand Challenge Scholars Program

Lauren Shumaker

Director, Thorson First-Year Honors Experience