Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Who are we?

The mission of the Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships is to help highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni, with applying to national/international scholarships and grants. The office serves as an advocate for the development of their academic goals, intellectual breadth, and personal interests. The office helps students develop competitive applications by providing feedback on the breadth and depth of the generally required essays and letters of recommendation. The office works closely with the Writing Center and faculty recommending their students. Additionally, the office informs students and faculty of opportunities that match goals and prior accomplishments ranging from research to participation in national or international competitions

Why should you apply for a national scholarship?

  • Winning a national scholarship is a career enhancer
  • Distinguish your resume when you enter the job market.
  • Clarify your thinking about your research and longer term opportunities.
  • Increase your flexibility when selecting advisors, choosing research projects, and conducting field work.
  • Help faculty support more graduate students by bringing funding to your Department.

Scholarship Opportunities

(By Academic Year)

International Students

Scholarship Opportunities

(By Interest)

Teach - Teaching Opportunities
Solve Problems - Research Fellowships
Improve Communities
Help Others

Additional Resources


When you have decided upon the scholarship(s) that best fit your goals, contact Kay ( with any questions and for tips on the scholarship(s) for which you have chosen to apply. A completed application is due in the Fellowship office 2 weeks prior to the official application deadline for each scholarship. Additionally, the office will offer workshops via Zoom for specific programs. The announcement of upcoming workshops will be announced in the daily mail.

For information about funds available specifically for your studies at Mines, please contact the financial aid office and/or visit the website linked here

For help with writing and editing your applications, reach out to the Writing Center. 

For advice from the National Association of Fellowship Advisors and Sample Applications