Harry Archer

Harry Archer headshot

Associate Teaching Professor



Dr. Harry Archer is an Associate Teaching Professor in the University Honors & Scholars Programs at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM). Dr. Archer’s research interests lie in the nexus of rhetoric and design and include key topics such as invention [rhetorical & technological], and visual-material communication in designed objects and systems.

Dr. Archer’s work has been published in journals such as the Canadian Journal of Communication, and the Journal of Communication and Religion. In Leadership by Design, (HNRS198A), and I.D.E.A. S.(HNRS 105), Dr Archer wants students to explore different modes of invention and build confidence across a variety of aptitudes from the rhetorical to the technical. Dr. Archer has also taught undergraduate classes in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences including Nature and Human Values, Global Studies, Environmental Communication, Intercultural Communication, Mass Media Studies, and Risk Communication.