Lauren Shumaker

Lauren Shumaker Headshot

Director of Thorson First-Year Honors, Teaching Assistant Professor


Honors and Scholars House
1704 Illinois Street

Lauren has been at Mines since 2016 and joined the honors team in 2018, where she now directs the Thorson First-Year Honors Experience and teaches in the collaborative IDEAS class. Lauren received her Ph.D. in sedimentary geology from Stanford University, where she studied the dispersal and deposition of sediments in deep-marine environments.

Prior to graduate school, Lauren pursued a combined Earth sciences/anthropology degree at University of California, Santa Cruz, where she gained a lifelong appreciation for interdisciplinary education and the role of humanities in STEM fields. Outside of work, Lauren enjoys reading (particularly speculative fiction), hiking, visual arts of all kinds, and spending time with her husband, toddler, and dog.