COVID-19 HR Guidance

Mines Human Resources Department understands that while we have adopted new measures to deal with COVID-19, the campus community is adapting to new ways of working and learning. We will climb this mountain together, and HR continues to offer services and programs to support our community. 

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COVID-19 HR Processes and FAQs

Required safety procedures for working on campus

View the latest required procedures for working on campus under the state’s Safer at Home order.

Mines personnel must continue to work remotely unless approved by supervisor to work on campus. The pandemic is still with us and a large number of people with COVID-19 may be contagious without any outward symptoms.

All of us need to do our part to minimize the spread of the virus.

Leave and Remote Working

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) was signed into law March 18, 2020. This federal law increases funding for food assistance, Medicaid, unemployment assistance, and testing for COVID-19. It also requires the State to provide eligible employees with job-protected, paid leave under the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (EPSL) and the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act: Emergency Public Health Leave (EPHL) for specific reasons related to COVID-19. It is effective April 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020. For additional information, review the FFCRA: Employee Paid Leave Rights and the Mines FFCRA Employee FAQs for additional information.

Mines FFCRAA Application Form

Hiring and Onboarding

Recruitment activities are continuing in various fashions.  Where appropriate, job advertisements and virtual candidate assessment (phone and video interviews) can continue.  Some departments may elect to delay hiring decisions and/or start dates while others may be fully prepared to virtually assess and onboard employees.  Please work with your Talent Acquisition Partner to confirm job search status and activities.

As outlined in Mines’ COVID-19 Interim Hiring Policy, effective immediately, VP approval will be required for the following employment actions:

  • Launching a new hire search
  • Facilitating an internal transfer, promotion or direct appointment
  • Processing a base pay increase
  • Extending an offer (on an already approved search)

VP’s have been incorporated to all job and offer approval queues in PageUp.  Their leadership approval will be supplemental to the traditional and existing department and financial approvers.  Any actions or items that have already been entered into PageUp and are in-process may continue under normal protocol and will not require this VP approval. 

When determining whether remote onboarding may be possible or appropriate, keep the following items in mind:  time required to receive and provision laptops or other work assets, installing software or granting access to tools and technology, shipping equipment to the new employee, and candidate onboarding experience. 

More information about this process may be obtained by contacting your Talent Acquisition Partner directly or by contacting the Mines Human Resources Department at or 303 273-3250.

Employment Eligibility and I-9 Verification

We are glad you have made the choice to join the Mines community. As we continue to work remotely we still want to provide information for new employees, especially regarding employment eligibility and I-9 Verification. 

Employment Eligibility Information | I-9 Verification Form

New hires with start dates occurring during the remote working / virtual campus timeframe MUST email to make arrangements for I-9 documentation verification and onboarding administration. This needs to be completed on the first day of employment.

Maximum vacation rollover

  • Employees who will exceed the maximum of vacation hours will be able to roll over excess annual accrued leave time up to 80 hours
  • This leave must be used before the end of FY21. 
  • This does not apply to accrued sick time. 

Health and Wellness

Our Mines Benefits Team strives to make our workforce stronger, healthier, and more secure. While the majority of our staff are working remotely, our services, as well as those offered by our providers and partners, will continue without interruption. We’re dedicated to providing excellent service to every Mines employee. Reach us at

Colorado State Employee Assistance Program

CSEAP is now providing teletherapy services in place of in-person offerings such as Personal Counseling, Conflict Resolution & Mediation, Professional Coaching, and Financial Assistance. Additionally, free CSEAP webinars on various topics are available to all state employees.

Resource for Health Screening Employees:  The Judge Group

Judge Healthcare provides customized clinical workforce solutions to healthcare organizations throughout the country. Judge Group can help supply COVID-19 Healthcare Staffing needs for any industry, with quality healthcare professionals. The newly implemented RAD (Rapidly Access Deployment) Program can provide Healthcare professionals screening all entrances and exits within a week. The Judge Group provides a service for a quick health screen for people who have to go into an office or facility by a licensed healthcare provider. This service has helped alleviate some stress around those who have to go into work in terms of feeling safer, along with helping identify those who may have been exposed. Attached is a one pager explaining those specific services.  If interested or for more information, contact Seth Bender at 720.297.1611 or

Toolkit: COVID-19 and Your Emotional Wellness

Please visit this link to read a message from Janeen Haller-Abernethy, CSEAP Director.  Included you will find information about the Managing Stress and Anxiety During Uncertain Times Webinar.

Please contact CSEAP if it would be helpful to set up confidential phone or video support during this unsettling time. We remain available to our state employees and agency partners Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Title IX Resources

SpeakUP@Mines is a place that you can submit a report about discrimination, sexual harassment, or violence, as well as other unethical behaviors. There is an option to be anonymous. Also, the Title IX Office is open virtually. Reach out to to ask questions, make a report, or set up time to discuss resources and options.  If you want to make a confidential report, please reach out directly to Sareen Lambright Dale at


Backup Care Options

Bright Horizons has activated its Crisis Care benefit (available through April 30, 2020). This service will locate providers for childcare, adult care, or eldercare needs and will reimburse Mines employees up to $100 per day up to 10 days per year.

Reimbursement form for Bright Horizons account holders | Establish an account with Bright Horizons

Financial Assistance and Community Resources

Emergency Financial Assistance
Emergency Financial Assistance for State Employees (Faculty & Staff) through the Colorado Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP). You will need your campus-wide identification number (CWID) to apply. For information and to apply online:

Emergency Assistance available to State Employees through the Working Together Foundation.  For information and to apply online:

Community Resources
For easy free access to additional community resources in your area such as housing, food, utility and child care assistance:

  • Call 211
  • Text your zip code to 898-211
  • Visit the website for a fully searchable database or to use the chat feature:

Resource listing provided by the Colorado Employee Assistance Program:


Supervisor Resources

Telecommuting Guidelines and Checklist

Teleworking arrangements are not new, but because they may be unfamiliar to employees and managers, the telecommuting guidelines & checklist will help you and your team navigate potential teleworking scenarios. 

Remote Supervisor Onboarding for New Employees

Once you find the perfect employee, you want to make sure that their on-boarding process is thorough and inclusive.

  • Set Clear Expectations: Will the employee have flexibility in work hours? What meetings are expected? Set all the expectations of the position with clear and detailed explanations. You should have a documented process for on-boarding remote employees to ensure that all the bases are covered. 
  • Foster Communication: For companies that are hiring remotely communication is key at all levels and for all processes. Technology tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype offer the ability to efficiently communicate virtually. Employees can be kept in the loop with changes in company policy, company goals and other important information through regular online communication.   
  • Increase Collaboration: A new employee may already feel isolated, especially so if they are also working remotely and do not know the other team members. Create opportunities for employees to collaborate on projects or set up group meetings. Google Hangout provides a virtual office environment where employees can chat with each other.
  • Check In: Once the employee is hired and has started, schedule periodic weekly check-ins for the first few weeks to answer any questions. If the employee is working remotely, it is important that they feel included in the company and its environment. 

The move to a remote hiring process during these times of social distancing will encourage safe practices. Keeping the lines of communication open is key to the successful hiring and on-boarding of a new employee.

Leading and Managing During COVID-19

The sudden shift to remote work is a significant disruption for many of our employees. The transition to working from home, coupled with the uncertainty and anxiety about the COVID19 virus, means supervisors have a critical role to play in supporting their employees. Supervisors must find a balance between promoting continuity of operations and re-prioritizing their team’s daily work to meet urgent needs.

Expectations of supervisors include the following:

Focusing employees on work. As much as possible and practical, employees should maintain their university duties while working remotely. Supervisors should guide employees work, remove barriers to accomplishing tasks as is possible, and provide tools for accomplishing work. 

Clarifying expectations and protocols. Supervisors should provide clear expectations for individuals and groups regarding what and how tasks will be accomplished, in addition to provide clarity around communication, schedules, and meetings.

Maintaining regular communications with staff and supervisor. Supervisors should hold regular, predictable virtual meetings with individuals and groups. They should also keep their supervisor informed of emerging issues, project status, and departmental needs.

Providing Feedback and Appreciation to Employees

  • Be intentional, explicit, and generous with your feedback and recognition. Employees may worry about impacts to their productivity, pauses or cancellations of their primary tasks, and how their work will still be visible to their supervisor. Calling out specific employees or small groups for recognition, particularly for going above and beyond in these difficult times can help employees know their contributions are valued.
  • Communicate changes in how work will be assessed during this time. Be clear if and how expectations have shifted during this time. Provide goals that indicate specific tasks to be completed with completion dates.
  • Provide individual and group feedback. Coaching conversations that help individuals and groups know how they are performing and how they can improve are particularly important during times of uncertainty.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate birthdays and milestones for individuals and teams.

Learning and Development

With most of Mines community now working and attending class remotely, it’s an excellent time for some learning and development, as well as, self-care. Human Resources is excited to share the following list of suggested online courses, books, YouTube programs, etc. all geared toward this new normal in which we all find ourselves.

Skillsoft Online Training Opportunities

Mines Skillsoft Portal

Search for the titles below in Skillsoft:

  • Organizations Change So Get Ready
  • Redefining Yourself after Organizational Change
  • Contributing as a Virtual Team Member
  • Microsoft Teams: Getting to know the application
  • Organize Your Physical and Digital Workspace
  • Avoid Procrastination by Getting Organized Instead
  • Maximize Your Productivity by Managing Time and Tasks
  • Achieve Productivity in Your Personal Life
  • Aligning Goals and Priorities to Manage Time
  • Make the Time You Need: Get OrganizedThe Art of Staying Focused

Mines Skillsoft Portal

*When using Skillsoft, please use the Google Chrome browser.

Skillsoft on YouTube

All Mines faculty, staff and students have access to business continuity resources provided by Skillsoft. Check out this series of YouTube programs geared toward working through this new normal.

Webinars and Podcasts

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