Mines Exemption Process & Request

Getting Started

Use the following instructions and form to request exemptions (including re-exemptions) and creating job descriptions (including changes to existing jobs already exempted) for Administrative Faculty, Research Support, Research Faculty, and Library Faculty positions.

Please allow up to five working days between submission of the completed form and obtaining a final decision that can be implemented. This time frame can vary depending on the availability of staff to review, recommend, and approve the exemption.

Email the Office of Budget and Financial Planning to request a new position number. A position number is required in order for the new position to be exempted. Receiving a position number does not guarantee exemption or funding.

*Note: For new Classified positions, HR will request the position number from the Office of Budget and Financial Planning once the proper classification has been determined.

Submitting this Job Description template will be sufficient for the exemption process outlined in the Policy on Establishing or Changing Employment Category.

IMPORTANT:  Attach an organization chart showing this position’s location within the college, department, or unit.

How do I get help?

We understand that writing a job description can be challenging, and we are available to assist you.  For questions about these instructions, the job description itself, or the process, please contact Human Resources at HR@mines.edu.

Instructions and Tips

To begin the exemption or creation process of a new role, you should start by reviewing the Integrated Job Description & Exemption Instructions. This will guide you through eight steps to jumpstart the creation and/or exemption of a position. Please try not to skip any steps, as they are necessary to complete the form.

Next complete the form that is attached to the instructions at the link above.  Before submitting your form to Steven Richmond (srichmond@mines.edu), please be sure you’ve done the following:

  • Ensured all sections of the form are completed to the best of your abilities
  • Verified that all essential functions of the position are identified
  • Attached an updated organizational chart, depicting where the position will reside in your department/area