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Page Up Quick Links

Click on a link to find the appropriate PageUp information.

  • Employee Login – use your MultiPass/Trailhead login and password
  • Job Applicant Login – click Log In in the upper right corner; you will be taken to our service provider PageUp

When you bookmark the login page, you will need to edit the bookmark to be

Training Resources for Pageup

Creating an Offer

Page Up Events & Bookings

Creating & Adding Applicants to an Event

Search Committee View

Additional Resources

Browser Help

Bookmarking the PageUp URL

  • When bookmarking the PageUp site, your web browser will bookmark an incorrect URL the first time
  • You need to edit the bookmark to change it to –  See instructions herePDF versionText only version
  • Use your browsers bookmark/favorites bar and add PageUp to it for login simplicity (if you do not know how to activate your bookmark bar, do a web search on how to add a bookmark bar

SSO &  Browser FunctionalityPDF versionText only version

  • How to work with multiple windows in PageUp
  • How to allow different users to log in to Page Up on the same computer

Pop-Ups & Cookies/Cache

Event Timeslots

  • Chrome: enter timeslot data like 1:00pm for 1pm
  • Firefox, IE and Safari: enter timeslot information like 1300 for 1pm. Do not enter the colon or am or pm
  • For ease of use, we recommend using the Chrome browser for making new events. You may use your favorite browser for all other tasks.