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Are you looking to expand upon your professional skills?  Learning & Development welcomes you to explore Skillsoft’s expansive library, providing resources and tools for students, staff and faculty.

2019 E-Learning Series: PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE

PTK is Learning & Development’s 2nd annual learning series. Each month we curate featured and optional learning items for employees and students to complete. All participants have the chance to earn 2 stamps (AKA your drawing entries) each month. Once you’ve participated in one of our monthly themes, we will create an e-Passport for you to track your progress.

Depending upon the number of items you complete, you can earn up to 2 stamps per month.
(2 items completed = 1 stamp, 4 items completed = 2 stamps)


  • Head over to mines.skillport.com and enroll in the current month’s Passport to Knowledge learning program.


  • Hint: be sure to use Google Chrome for SkillSoft.
    (First time logging in? No problem! Use your Mines credentials to gain access.)


Yes! Each month we will be providing two prizes to give away to our lucky winners. The prizes will vary with each month. Watch for details to be released at the beginning of each new month. 

Are you interested in OUR 2018 learning series?

Checkout the 2018 Learning Expedition themes (still available in Skillsoft).

Enhancing your Customer Service, Stress & Wellness Management, Cyber Security Awareness, Managing Conflict in the Workplace, Unleashing Your Inner Leader, Time Management, Coaching & Mentoring, Feedback, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Work/Life Balance


Always on the run?   We’ve got you covered.

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Service excellence

survivor response training

Learn How to Compassionately & Appropriately Respond to Survivors of Sexual Violence:

This training will ensure that participating staff and faculty know how to appropriately and compassionately respond to a student who discloses that they are a survivor of sexual violence.

After completing the training, participants will be asked if they are willing to serve as a visible resource for students. Participants who agree to serve as a resource will receive an “I believe you” laminated badge to display near their work space or office. Students were provided with information about the “I believe you” program during Orientation and know what to look for if they need support.

HOW TO sign up

Survivor Response Training has been scheduled for Fall 2018

  • Time and dates coming soon!


Interested in taking an in-person course right here at Mines? 

Clayton Durkee from CCIT teaches multiple Project Management courses for Mines employees and students throughout the year.


Introduction to Project Management

Project Sponsorship 

Process Workshop

Project Scheduling


Mines is committed to preparing students for a career in science or engineering by teaching both disciplinary skills as well as general career skills. The Center for Professional Development Education promotes and coordinates teaching general professional skills through courses, seminars, and a speaker series, and makes tools and resources available for professional development.


EMployee Tuition Waiver

Colorado School of Mines employees may apply to take one 3.0 credit hour class per semester, up to a total of 6.0 credits per academic year, and have tuition and fees waived for those courses other than a technology fee associated with course registration. Courses may be taken for credit or not-for-credit (audit). To take classes, the employee must apply as a Non-Degree Seeking student and note the class he or she wishes to register for on the application.

Feel free to find more information on the Registrar’s Office website regarding Employee Tuition Waivers.

safe zone training

Safe Zone training is an opportunity for the Mines community to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community, gender, and sexuality, to unlearn prejudice and to step up as an Ally to the LGBTQ+ community. The training is to help non-LGBTQ+ folks to learn how to be an Ally to the community and be a “Safe Zone” for folks to look to for acceptance and support. This is a great way to show your support for all of our students, and to be more educated on topics of diversity and inclusion.

Training Opportunities

More information coming soon.

C-SEAP Training Opportunities

C-SEAP webinars are open to all employees though some information may seem more relevant to managers, supervisors, and HR staff.  Webinars are free-of-charge, available on a first-come first-served basis, and some may be provided as an on-site presentation.

Please visit their website to register for webinars and find other tools/resources including information about workplace traumas or critical incidents, reasonable suspicion, and descriptions of CSEAP services

Looking for more ways to get Mines Learning & Development involved with your department, staff or students? Need additional information regarding Skillsoft?

Please contact michelle:

Michelle Darveau

Assistant Director of Human Resources