Three pieces of software have been developed at Colorado School of Mines for the prediction of hydrate phase equilibrium. These include CSMHyK, CSMGem, and CSMPlug. Mines also has liscneses for DEM modeling software. See below for more information. For information on licensing and use, please contact Carolyn Koh.



Colorado School of Mines Hydrate Kinetics model (CSMHyK) is a gas hydrate model integrated with the commercial one-dimensional multiphase flow simulator OLGA. It is designed to predict the formation and transportability of gas hydrates in flowlines. CSMHyK is developed based on the fundamental understanding of hydrate mechanisms gained from multiscale experiments, and has been validated with industrial scale flowloop data. The model has been applied to the field to predict when and where hydrate plugs will form and to guide the design of hydrate plug mitigation strategies.


CSMGem is an in-house software developed by Center for Hydrate Research for the prediction of thermodynamically stable hydrate structures and cage occupancy at given pressure, temperature and composition conditions. The multiphase equilibria calculated by program is based on minimization of Gibbs Free Energy of specified system.


The transient nature of hydrate plugs formed in oil and gas flowlines requires accurate assessment and prediction of safe operating conditions. CSMPlug, a hydrate plug dissociation software developed by Center for Hydrate Research (CHR) assists the Flow Assurance engineers in plug remediation strategies. The prediction of plug dissociation time and plug movements is of paramount importance especially in the subsea operations for safety of personnel, equipment’s and environment.