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Anyone who experiences or is aware of discriminatory conduct is urged to report the concern without delay.  

There are several ways to submit a report and receive related information, help and resources, including clicking on the submission forms below.

Prohibition against retaliation

The Policy Prohibiting Unlawful Discrimination and the Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Interpersonal Violence prohibit retaliation against an individual for reporting a discrimination concern or participating in a resulting investigation or other proceeding.

If you have questions regarding submitting a report, please contact our office.

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Use this form for incidents of bias, discrimination, harassment and campus climate concerns.


Use this form for incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking and other sexual misconduct.


The Office of Institutional Equity and Title IX supports efforts to uphold Mines’ commitment to creating and maintaining a working and learning environment that is inclusive and free of discriminatory conduct, harassment and violence.