Address Update Requirement

You must always report the local U.S. address at which you are currently residing.  Do so even if you are staying somewhere temporarily.  The law also requires you to update your address within 10 days of moving.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in you losing your legal immigration status.  Please follow these steps to update your address:

  • Log on to Trailhead (See video for instructions)
  • Click on the “SelfServicesBanner” link
  • Click on the “Personal Information” link
  • Click on the “Update Address Information” link
  • To update US address, click on the “Local Mailing Address” in the dropdown menu.
  • This MUST be your local residential address.  Due to federal law requirements for international scholars, it cannot be a foreign address, department address, or Post Office address.  Enter your complete address and telephone number.
  • Optional:  If you wish to keep the public from being able to see your address or telephone number, select the appropriate setting from the “Restrictions” field.
  • Submit Address Update.  Make sure it is effective immediately rather than a future date.

If you are experiencing difficulty, visit ISSS and ask for assistance.