J-1 Exchange Visitors (Visiting Scholars)

Departments who wish to host visiting scholars such as researchers, professors, and collaborators should utilize the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.  The J-1 visa status is for temporary visiting scholars at CSM.

The J-1 Exchange Visitor program was created by Congress in 1961 to “increase mutual understanding between people of the USA and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchanges.” The J-1 program is overseen by the Department of State. The DOS grants J-1 program sponsorship to universities, colleges, and other entities who wish to bring temporary visitors to the US for the purpose of educational exchange. CSM is an approved J-1 Program Sponsor.  J-1 Visitors and their host departments are strongly encouraged to read more about the State Department’s J-1 program here.

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program allows qualified individuals to perform various duties in the USA. J-1 Exchange Visitors can stay in the US anywhere from one day to 5 years.  The purpose of their stay must be temporary in nature.  Tenure-track positions are not suitable for the J-1 Exchange Visitor program. A J-1 Research Scholar or Professor can extend his/her original program length once they are in the US as long as the total program length has not exceeded 5 years. J-1 Short-Term Scholars cannot exceed 6 months.

A J-1 Professor, Research Scholar or Short-Term Scholar cannot enroll in a degree seeking program.  They can take up to 6 credit hours per semester if their host faculty does not object and they can continue to pursue their intended program objective.

J-1s can only perform the activity reported to ISSS in the initial application process. Working outside of CSM is forbidden. Giving single lectures or presenting at conferences may be permissible; please contact the ISSS office if the J-1 wishes to do such an activity off campus.  Other employment is not permissible.

Read about and begin the procedures to bring a J-1 Exchange Visitor to campus here.

Short-Term Visitors (B1 and WB)

The B1 Business visa is for those individuals who are planning temporary, business-related travel to the US.  Any visitor to the US who wishes to attend a conference or give a lecture may utilize a Business Visa, however, the visitor cannot receive a salary or income from CSM.  An honorarium may be received but the activities cannot last longer than 9 days at CSM.  Any research done by a visitor holding a B-1 visa must be completely independent, is not eligible for salaried compensation, and cannot benefit CSM.

WB is the electronic version of the B1 visa; residents of certain countries can apply online and avoid a trip to their  US embassy to get a visa foil in their passport. The ESTA system must be utilized to apply for and pay for authorization that will allow individuals to enter the US. Upon entry into the country, the immigration official will stamp the passport WB and indicate an expiration date. Visitors with a WB stamp in their passport are subject to the same rules at those with B1 visas.  Read about the ESTA program here.