J-1 Academic Training

What is Academic Training? 

Academic Training authorizes a J-1 student to accept off-campus employment or participate in training opportunities, such as an internship or practicum, directly related to their major field of study and level of education. Academic Training may be authorized for paid employment or unpaid training. Note: While students may work for more than one employer while on Academic Training, each employer and Academic Training segment must be approved separately. You may not begin working until you have received formal authorization.


  • You must have a valid, unexpired DS-2019.
  • You must be in good academic standing at the Colorado School of Mines.
  • You must have been enrolled for at least one full semester.
  • Your primary purpose in the U.S. must be to study rather than to engage in Academic Training.
  • Your employment or training must be directly related to your major field of study and an integral part of your academic program.
  • You must receive an updated DS-2019 and written approval from ISSS before beginning the employment or training.
  • You must maintain health insurance coverage as required by J-1 regulations.
  • Application must be received before the end of your DS-2019.

Note: If you have J-1 program sponsor other than Colorado School of Mines (as indicated in section two on your DS-2019), you must seek authorization for Academic Training from your program sponsor.

Pre-completion Academic Training

  • Academic Training may be authorized during your program of study. You must maintain full-time enrollment (12 credit for undergraduates or 9 credits for graduate students). Note: concurrent enrollment at other schools is not permitted while on Academic Training.
  • Pre-completion Academic Training is normally part-time but may be full-time under certain conditions. Please discuss your plans with an ISSS advisor.

Post-completion Academic Training

  • Post-completion Academic Training must be authorized prior to the end date on your DS-2019 expires.
  • For post-completion Academic Training, employment must begin no later than 30 days after completion of studies.
  • Students participating in post-completion Academic Training must provide evidence of adequate funding for living expenses and health insurance during the training period.
  • Any student participating in post-completion Academic Training will be assessed a fee of $75.00 USD.

Time Limits for Academic Training

  • You are eligible for Academic Training time equivalent to the amount of time you have studied. Note: Non-degree J-1 students should meet with an ISSS advisor to discuss eligibility and time limits.
  • Academic Training is an aggregate system and both pre-completion and post-completion Academic Training equate towards the overall time you are eligible for.
  • Both part-time and full-time academic training segments count towards the overall Academic Training time you are eligible for.
  • Non-degree seeking students: Please speak with your ISSS advisor to discuss eligibility and time limits.
  • Ph.D. students: Students pursuing their Ph.D. may be eligible for an 18-month post-completion academic training extension. This additional 18-months is only available for post-completion OPT. Please speak with an ISSS advisor to determine your eligibility.
Maximum Time Limits
Bachelor’s Students Master’s Students Ph.D. Students
18 Months 18 Months 36 Months (18 + 18)



How to Apply for Academic Training

  1. Obtain a formal job offer and letter from your U.S. employer.  The job offer letter must be on company letterhead and include all of the following information:
    • Job/position title
    • Description of employment
    • Employment dates
    • Location and address of employment
    • Salary, if any
    • Number of hours to be worked per week
    • Name, email address and phone number of your supervisor
  2. Complete the Academic Training Application Form through the International Portal

The ISSS will review the documentation and, if eligible, provide authorization on your DS-2019. A new DS-2019 and letter of authorization will be issued for you and you will be notified when they are available for pick-up at the ISSS front desk. Please apply at least two weeks before your anticipated start date and/or before your DS-2019 will expire/end.

Post-Completion Training Fee FAQs

What is post-completion Academic Training?

Post-completion Academic Training is practical training authorization specific to J-1 visa holders for work opportunities following the completion of an academic program. This is considered an optional benefit available to J-1 visa holders who have maintained their immigration status throughout their time at Mines. Employment must begin within 30 days of the last date of study (the original program end date) and authorization must be applied before the program DS-2019 ends. Please reference the above table for time limits to determine what you may be eligible for.

How much is the fee and what is it applied towards?

The fee is $75.00 USD. This fee covers the continued administration of your immigration record following the completion of your academic program at Mines. Additional benefits of the fee include:

  • Maintenance of the SEVIS J-1 immigration record and issued DS-2019 document
  • Continued dedicated immigration support and guidance from the International Student & Scholar Services office throughout the approved Academic Training period
  • Access to workshops and events about Academic Training and other immigration topics
  • Processing of travel signatures and additional immigration requests

Who must pay this fee?

Beginning September 1, 2019, any J-1 visa holder who has completed an academic program through Mines, whether degree-seeking or non-degree-seeking, must pay the $75.00 fee if requesting post-completion Academic Training authorization.

If you are a continuing student enrolled full-time for the next academic term (or have an approved reduced registration or reduced course load), you do not need to pay the fee. You are eligible to apply for pre-completion Academic Training.

How do I pay the fee?

You can pay the fee by personal check drawn on a U.S. bank account or a money order. Cash cannot be accepted and should never be mailed through U.S. Postal Service.

Please make the check or money order payable to “Colorado School of Mines” and in the Memo line, write your name, CWID and “AT.” You can turn this payment in when you submit your request to the International Office.

Can the fee be refunded if I do not use the Academic Training authorization granted?

No. If you choose not to use the Academic Training authorization, the fee cannot be refunded. If you decide to not use your authorization, please notify the ISSS within 10 days of deciding.