MAPS Staff Directory

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Office Hours:

Monday – Friday
7:30am – 5:00pm

Guggenheim Hall, 224
1500 Illinois St,
Golden, CO 80401

Mines Administrative Processing Services (MAPS)

Janice Lander

Director of MAPS

Phone Extension: 3266

Matthew Brogdon

Assistant Director of Maps

Phone Extension: 3279

Nicole Byerley

Administrative Processes Coordinator

Melissa Dichard

Intake Specialist

MAPS – Human Resources Operations | Payroll

Debbie Lira

Payroll / HR Operations Supervisor

Suzanne Bratcher

Lead Payroll Specialist

Michelle Wareham

Payroll / HR Operations Technician

Melisa Grady

Payroll / HR Operations Technician

MAPS – Accounts Payable | Travel

Christa Riley

One Card Administrator

Chris Marez

Accounts Payable Specialist

Nancy Cummings

Travel & Reimbursement Administrator

Amalia Queller

Report Preparation Specialist