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Mindful Mondays...and more

Mindful Monday Meditations

Please reach out to Gyasi Evans (gevans@mines) in the Arthur Lakes Library for more information.

Location: Boettcher Room

These meditations helped calm my anxiety, offered a “safe space” to breathe, and quieted my mind in the midst of an array of challenges and uncertainties. I found a welcoming, insightful, and compassionate community of learners whom, like me, are doing our best to be mindful and centered as we encounter many challenges and great uncertainty. Including meditation in my life has been a game-changer and I will forever look at it as a blessing that brightened and eased a very difficult time in my life. I highly encourage others to try it.


Mary Cook

It is a quiet, relaxing, spiritually oriented 30 minutes of guided meditation accompanied by artistically selected music that I am drawn to at least two nights a week and sometimes more often. There meditations are both spiritually awakening and a quieting way to end the day. I look forward to seeing my meditative friends and spending a quiet few minutes listening to the peaceful music and positive reflections.


Harold Pratt

In this time of Covid-19, these meditations are an opportunity to recharge and refresh. The facilitators Roel Snieder, Kath Quinn and Lauren Jensen all do an excellent job to come up with something new in each session. At the end of each meditation, there is an opportunity to share personal experiences and emotions. This creates a community spirit. I have felt that other participants, who initially were strangers for me, became good online friends. I am thankful for this, especially in these days where we can feel lonely in our social distancing.


Jan Douma