For Parents

For Parents

Welcome Parents and Families! Thank you for your continued support of your student throughout this significant time in their lives.

Admissions: Check that all of the steps have been completed to confirm enrollment.

Bursar’s Office: Details about tuition payments, payment plans, work study and more.

Bookstore: Visit or contact the Mines Bookstore with any book or merchandise inquiries.

Campus Safety: Learn more about the Mines Emergency Alert system and the Mines Community Policing model.

 Computers: Thinking about buying your student a new computer? Here’s some advice.

FERPA: Details about access to student records.

 Immediate Items: What’s coming up on the to do list.

Parking Services: Parking lottery details and policies regarding campus parking.

 FAQ: Short list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Transportation to and from the airport

Parents and Families

Download  the parent guide, learn about resources and events, and more.


Office of New Student and Transition Services
Campus Living Office, Elm Hall
1795 Elm Street
Golden, CO 80401