Exchange & Study Abroad

The study overseas program is designed to assist students to obtain the skills they will need to work effectively in an international environment and to be able to succeed in an increasingly interdependent world where borders between countries and cultures are becoming less distinct.

To study overseas you need to meet these requirements:

  1. A minimum cumulative GPA that meets the criteria for the chosen school
  2. In good standing with Colorado School of Mines (not on academic or disciplinary probation)
  3. A student at Colorado School of Mines

To find the most updated list of schools with programs, please see our new Terra Dotta online application. Here you will be able to click on an interactive map and see a brochure for each of our partner universities.



Office of International Programs
1200 16th Street
Ben Parker Student Center, Suite E110
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, CO 80401

Office Hours
Monday through Friday, 9:00 - 11:30 and 1:30 - 4:00

David Wright, Assistant Provost for International Affairs
(303) 384-2120 /

Mary Cook, Associate Director and Manager of Student Mobility-Outbound/Inbound
(303) 384-2121 /

Main Office Phone and Email
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