Steps To Studying at Mines

We are so happy to hear that your interested in studying at Mines! We welcome students from all over the world, and we would love to show you our beautiful home of Golden, Colorado.

We have outlined the key steps to helping you study at Mines.

1. Nomination

Once you have decided to come to Mines, tell your study abroad coordinator at your home university.

To nominate students, please fill out the nomination template here: Nomination Template. Then, attach that template as an attachment in an email. We ask your coordinator to email all nominations to Mary Cook at

2. Complete the Mines Application

After we receive your nomination, we will send you your Mines application. We will send you the link to the application to the email provided in your nomination. Complete the application online and submit the required supplemental documents. Once your application is complete, Mines will review your application and inform you of your acceptance status.


3. Mines Acceptance

After we receive your applications, we will send out a letter of your acceptance. The acceptance letter will outline your next steps. Make sure to sign the confirmation of acceptance and email a scanned copy to

4. Housing and Courses

Once you have been accepted to Mines, you can then fill out our housing and course request forms. These forms will be included in your acceptance email. General information on housing and courses is found below.


Before coming to Mines, all international exchange students fill out a housing survey.  The Mines International Office will assist students in finding housing.  Finding a room or apartment on or off-campus can be a daunting challenge since most housing in the area is unfurnished and leases are typically offered for one year at minimum.  The Mines International Office works with International students to stay in one of three options: 1) on-campus housing, 2) off-campus housing, 3) living with an American host.  Incoming students may also opt to find their own housing.  We work to ensure that all International Students live in a furnished apartment within walking distance of campus, and we are happy to answer questions about the best places to get furniture.


Finding courses can be one of the hardest parts of studying abroad.  We try to make it as easy as possible by providing detailed instructions on how to search for courses.  Before you are accepted to Mines, you can search for courses using the course bulletin.  (Instructions on how to search for courses are found here.)  After you have been accepted, we will provide instructions on how to register for classes.

5. Travel Documents

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted to study at Mines!  We are so excited to welcome you to our community.  Now it’s time to get you the paperwork you need to come to the United States.

In step 3, we asked you for a statement of financial support.  When we receive this, we will send you an I-20.  You will use this document to get a Visa to the United States.  In your acceptance letter, we will provide you information about how to get your Visa as well as the type of Visa you will get.

6. Welcome to Mines!

We are so excited to welcome you to our Mines community!  We are so proud of our school and our state, and we can’t wait to show you everything we have to offer.

In your acceptance letter, we will give you directions on how to get to Mines from the airport.  We are also happy to give information on where to buy food, furniture, and anything else you may need.

Finally, all international students are required to attend international student orientation.  This event takes place a few days before school starts.  We will give you this information in your acceptance letter.

See you soon!


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