Steps To Studying Abroad

So you’re thinking of studying abroad, that’s great! Studying abroad will help you expand your horizons and learn about the amazing world around you. Studying abroad is also great way to round out your technical skills.

We have outlined the key steps to helping you study abroad.

1. Explore Your Options

Going abroad can be intimidating, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. At Mines it can seem especially difficult to study abroad, but we want to make sure that doing so does not get you off track from your studies. When picking a place, there are many things to consider such as courses offered, cost of living, housing, and cultural differences. The following pages can help provide you information on our partner universities, approved courses, and general country information. We encourage you to look around, challenge yourself, and have fun!

Study Abroad Peer Advisors (SAPAs)

To assist you in the process, we want to make sure that you never feel alone.  That’s why we created the Study Abroad Peer Advisor program.  SAPAs are students who studied abroad in the past, and they are here to help you with any questions you may have.  To meet our SAPAs, click here.

Things to consider when choosing a location:

  • Cost of living
  • Transportation
  • Housing (University provided or rentals)
  • City or rural
  • Culture
  • GPA Requirements
  • Host Application Deadlines
  • Semester dates (these vary greatly by country)

To look around around the different locations, visit our online application site here.

Approved courses
Getting courses approved for international travel 
is often one of the most difficult parts of going abroad. To help best prepare yourself, we recommend first sitting down with your flow chart and figure out what courses are crucial for you to take your desired study abroad semester. Additionally, you can make an appointment with a Study Abroad Peer Advisor (SAPA).  SAPAs are past students who have studied abroad, and they are committed to helping you helping you make informed choices about courses to take abroad. SAPAs can help you determine good locations and times to study abroad.

Some schools have a pre-approved course list, found on the registrar’s website here.  This means that the registrar has preapproved the courses available at the university.  This sheet acts as a guide to what courses will be approved if you take them.  However, not every course is offered every semester, so it is your responsibility to make sure the courses listed on the pre-approval sheet are offered the semester you want to go.  You can check this information by visiting the host university’s website.

If there is no pre-approved course list for your desired university, it is your responsibility to go onto the host university website and match up the Mines courses you need with host university courses.  You will then submit a form to the registrar to get your chosen courses approved. SAPAs are also more than happy to help you search for courses to help you plan your study abroad.

Partner Universities
There are two main programs for international study: study abroad and exchange.  You can tell if a university is study abroad or exchange on our online application here.  The brochure will say if the school is study abroad or exchange.

A study abroad program means that you would not pay Mines tuition. Instead, paying tuition to the host university. Outside scholarships may or may not apply to this type of agreement.

An exchange program must be done through a Mines partner university. In an exchange program, you pay Mines tuition as if you were attending Mines. (All scholarships and financial aid apply.)

2. Apply To The Mines OIP

Spring Semester Application deadline: September 17th

Fall Semester Application deadline: April 1st

To study overseas you need to meet these requirements:

  1. A minimum cumulative GPA that meets the criteria for the chosen school
  2. In good standing with Colorado School of Mines (not on academic or disciplinary probation)
  3. A student at Colorado School of Mines

Eligible students interested in studying abroad should submit an online application through the Terra Dotta Website. The application will be online for students who will be studying abroad beginning in the Spring 2018 Term.

To access the Terra Dotta Application, click HERE

Note the link for our online application will go live on August 19th.

3. Nomination

After you have submitted your application, Mines OIP will review the applications and select the applicants that we believe will be good international representatives of Mines. Once you have been accepted, you may apply to the host university. (Be aware, the host application deadline may be before the Mines OIP deadline.)

4. Host Application

The host university application varies depending on the school you would like to study at. If the application is sent by mail, make sure you allow enough time for your application to reach the host university by the deadline. The OIP will gladly mail applications to your host university on your behalf.

*make sure to check the host university application deadline early in the study abroad process.

5. Prepare

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted to study abroad!! Now it is time to make sure you have all necessary documentation to enter the country. It is required that every study that travels abroad attend our Ready, Set, Go Abroad workshop offered every semester.

  • Visa/Residence Permit (if required)
  • Plane tickets & other transportation considerations
  • Travel Safety
  • Mental Preparation
  • Packing List

Here are some more helpful tips. 

Passport information. 

6. Have fun on your journey!

Send us a postcard!

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and send them in to our photo contest on your return.

Have fun, be safe, and as always contact us with any questions.


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