Meet Blaster

Meeting our favorite burro, Blaster

Miners of old chose their company wisely. And their companion of choice? Pack burros, of course. What else? 

He may be cute and cuddly, but our friendly mascot, Blaster, is representative of all the values Orediggers are known for—hard work, resilience, intelligence and more. He steals the show at most home football games, and you can catch him running down the field after every Oredigger touchdown. Despite his star status, he will gladly meet his adoring fans for a fun photo op—we’re sure he won’t say no to some nose rubs or even a hug or two. 

What to expect


Gentle nuzzles


A desire for carrots

group of people

Lots of adoring fans


The cool and cute Mines mascot


Throughout the academic year


Golden, Colo.

Notable Appearances

Home Oredigger football games 

At E-Days in the spring

During Commencement 

We may be biased, but Mines has the best mascot around. A symbol of strength and resilience and super cute to boot? What more could you want to represent your school pride?

starOredigger reviews


Sydney, Chemical Engineering, Highlands Ranch, Colo.

“Blaster is a local legend, and if you have a chance to meet him and snap an iconic picture with him, never pass that up. While some schools run a buffalo across their field during football games, we run a donkey, which is way cooler if you ask anyone at Mines. Blaster is a beloved member of the Mines family and one that everyone should meet as often as they can.” 


Ellaena, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Irvine, Calif.

“I think I first met Blaster at orientation day when I first moved in. It was kind of cool because he is a real animal instead of just a mascot. I know that Blaster is a very important part of the Mines community, and people get excited when he comes to campus. He is a pretty cool donkey and is a recognizable piece of Mines.” 


Jonathan, Chemical Engineering, Engineering and Technology Management, Colorado Springs, Colo.

“My first time meeting Blaster was at my first Celebration of Mines event. I probably have a dozen pictures with him through the years, and no time at Mines is complete without one.” 


Leah, Mechanical Engineering, Oklahoma

“Blaster is an angel, and if you ever meet him, make sure to give him a big hug! 


Brenna, Civil Engineering, Colorado Springs, Colo.

“I’ve met Blaster probably a dozen times, and I’m always struck by how soft and gentle he is! What a good burro. 12/10. 


Trinity, Mechanical Engineering, Nebraska

“I met Blaster over fall break when MAC had a bunch of activities for students living on campus. He is such a sweet donkey! 


Ashley, Statistics, Gretna, Neb.

“I first met Blaster right after the M Climb. He had a line of students waiting for photos with him, and it showed me how proud Mines students are of their school. Animal lovers will love meeting Blaster, and it’s just a very cute experience all around. To me, Blaster represents the tenacity of Mines students. Mines couldn’t have picked a better mascot. 


Kaleigh, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Columbus, Ohio

“I first met Blaster at my first Celebration of Mines during my freshman year, and I have to say, Blaster is the coolest burro I have ever met. Blaster is such a fun and loving burro and brings joy to me and every other Oredigger who meets him!