Career Day

Career Day

Making connections. Identifying opportunities.

The Career Center organizes Career Day and year-round programming and events for all students. 

You have the drive. You have the skills. Now you just need the job. Luckily, Mines has you covered. Each semester, more than 200 leading companies from all major industries visit the Mines campus to seek out new employees and chat about their work, giving students opportunities to network, learn about career possibilities and sharpen their interview skills. Who knows, you may even walk away with your next internship or job already lined up. 

What you’ll do

Each semester, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with some of the top industry representatives at Career Day to fine-tune your resume, ask questions about specific companies or fields, learn about jobs and internships, start building your network and more. Career Day is the best (and easiest) way to give your career prospects a leg up, so why not put your best foot forward? You took those dress shoes out of the back of your closet for a reason, right? 


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Build professional connections

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Find potential internships and jobs

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All Orediggers


Every September and February


Golden, Colo.

More than 1,200 organizations recruit and hire at Mines each year

20+ industries are represented

2,600+ interviews conducted on campus each year

Many industry leaders turn to Mines first when recruiting for their company. Charmaine Bixler from Chevron’s Energy Technology Division shares what employers are looking for in new recruits and why Orediggers fit the bill.

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Colton, Mechanical Engineering, Olathe, Kan.

“Career Day is an excellent opportunity to find internships. There are plenty of jobs to choose from. Plan to have your resume with you when you go to interview, and it may also be smart to have a game plan as to what companies you want to talk to.”  


Cameron, Engineering Physics, Aurora, Colo.

“Career Day is a good time to network and figure out what companies actually want your major and to figure out what you can do with your degree. Even if students aren’t looking for a job during the career fair, it is useful to see what opportunities are out there and to determine a favorite company that you want to apply to in the future.”  


Allison, Mechanical Engineering, Fulshear, Texas

“Career Day is a great way to talk to companies you might be interested in working with. I strongly recommend going to Career Day even if you are not looking for a job or internship. I went to both fall and spring career fairs, and as a freshman, I made it all the way to the final rounds of review for an internship. I talked to a total of around 40 companies throughout both events and gained skills, confidence and a plan for getting an internship for next year.”  


Adam, Mechanical Engineering, Denver, Colo.

“Career Day is a great opportunity to make connections. New students should know to go into it with no pressure and expectations but just as an opportunity to meet people and learn about cool new opportunities. I have not landed a job directly from Career Day, but I have made great connections, and I’m sure I will in the future.” 


Josh, Petroleum Engineering, Lafayette, Colo.

“I was so nervous at my first Career Day because I thought no one wanted to talk to freshmen, and I decided to just try next year, then proceeded to complain about being the only freshman without an internship that year (haha). Career Day at Mines is typically everyone’s first daunting exposure to the professional world, but after talking to one or two companies, presenting oneself becomes second nature. Through practice at Career Day, I learned really quickly how to highlight my most desirable accomplishments and skills, and before I knew it, I’d landed a fancy internship at a gigantic Houston skyscraper my junior year.” 


Madison, Electrical Engineering, Houston, Texas

“Career Day is definitely intimidating, but it is a must-go-to event. All of my friends who went to speak to companies in person had much more success than filling out an online application. Go even as a first-year student. While it seems very stressful within the first couple of weeks of joining Mines, there is less stress since the goal of you going is to get used to the atmosphere and know what to expect come sophomore year. Everyone, come prepared and research companies and specific positions they are hiring for beforehand. These recruiters were just like you a couple (or more) years ago, and they just want to have some great conversations. Relax, and you totally got this!” 


Mikayla, Civil Engineering, Lakewood, Colo.

“I found an internship by going to Career Day. First-years should definitely go because it is worth it. Even if you don’t get an internship, companies will remember you throughout the years and remember that you made an effort with them and most likely give you an internship due to your passion and hard work.” 


Annabelle, Engineering Physics, Parker, Colo.

“Career Day is an excellent way to network and making lasting impressions on companies that you would want to work for. New students should be prepared with their resume and a notepad for taking notes. Take risks and talk to companies that seem interesting, even if you didn’t study up on them beforehand! That’s how I got my first interview with the Nevada National Security Site!” 


Zach, Mechanical Engineering, Seattle, Wash.

“Career Day was nerve-racking at first, but once I got used to it, it became a great experience meeting so many people in industry.” 


Colleen, Engineering, Cimarron, N.M.

“Career Day was very helpful! I went to get some experience talking to employers and was able to gain valuable feedback on how to improve my elevator pitch and best showcase myself to potential employers. I also learned about the importance of networking and made a significant amount of LinkedIn connections that day.”