Coors Brewery

Coors Brewery Tour

Touring history

With such an iconic brand on Mines’ doorstep, a brewery tour is essential to do at least once.  

Smell that? That whiff of hops in the fresh Colorado air? Mines may be the centerpiece of Golden, but the Coors Brewery that flanks campus is just as iconic, and the brewery tour is an essential to-do for Golden residents and visitors alike. Plus, there’s a refreshing pint at the end of the tour—for those who are legally able to partake, of course. Beer not your thing? The tour includes fascinating tidbits about Golden history, the brewery’s architecture and even their water treatment process—all the cool nerdy knowledge Orediggers love.  

What to expect

beer cans

Learn about the brewing process and local history


Experience an iconic part of Golden and Colorado culture

two people high-fiving

Take a break to relax and have fun with friends 

Coors Brewery has been in operation since 1873

The tour includes tasting and a commemorative glass (21+)

You’ll be visiting the largest single-site brewery in the world

Open to

All Orediggers (though must be 21 to sample the product)




Golden, Colo.

Clear Creek with the Coors brewery in the background.

starOredigger reviews

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Brenna, Civil Engineering, Colorado Springs, Colo.

“The Coors Brewery Tour is a lot of fun, even if you aren’t 21! Learning about breweries is a Colorado essential, since Coors is just one of the dozens of breweries in town. Plus, if you have any interest in water treatment, the Coors treatment plant is so cool!” 

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Cobi, Civil Engineering, Rochester Hills, Mich.

“It costs money, which is really unfortunate. However, it is worth it because of the cool gift shop at the end which features lots of cool Coors merchandise. A must for any Mines student before they graduate.” 

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Casey, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Sebastian, Fla.

“Coors lab will be the reason I get a job after I graduate. It’s all about those connections you make during your time at Mines.” 

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John, Electrical Engineering, Roggen, Colo.

“This is an absolute must! The tour is fantastic, even if you can’t drink the beer at the end. It’s still definitely worth it!” 

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Kejun, Chemical Engineering, China

“I enjoyed my Coors Brewery Tour, and it really gave me a sense of what Golden has to offer and the history it contains. The relaxing environment carries even into our campus, where students or friends will go to a local pub or brewery after a long project or a terrible exam for a much-needed break!” 

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Gabriel, Computer Science, Venezuela

“I personally did the Coors Brewery Tour when I was but a young, young lad. It was really incredible to get to know the ins and outs of the factory, how their beer is made and (if you’re over 21) you even get a free sampling of different beers at the end! Great experience—definitely recommend it every so often.” 

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Stella, Mechanical Engineering, Lincoln, Neb.

“I had so much fun when I went! You learn so much and the buildings are gorgeous.  It’s an experience everyone should have at least once!”