World-Class Faculty

World-Class Faculty

Getting to know, and being know by, professors who are here to help


Mines faculty are dedicated to their students—with unique backgrounds, knowledge and skills to give you an experience unlike anywhere else. 

NASA scientists. Game designers. Inventors. Engineers. Entrepreneurs. Mines faculty are far more than just teachers, and they came to Mines to work with top colleagues and top students in one of the country’s leading high-tech economies and best places to live and explore. But more importantly, these decorated researchers and former industry leaders are dedicated to helping prepare you for your future by getting to know you and your interests and helping you find success in and out of the classroom. 

What to expect


Learning from top-notch educators who are leaders in their field


Professors who encourage and support new ideas and unique experiences


A focus on preparing students for success beyond Mines

Open to

All Mines students




Golden, Colo. 

Mines professors do more than lecture, such as Computer Science Professor Mark Baldwin, who launched rockets for NASA and other aerospace organizations before designing computer games including The Perfect General, Empire Deluxe and Trainz Railroad Simulator.

starOredigger reviews


Steven, Chemical Engineering, Littleton, Colo.

We have the coolest professors at Mines. Researchers, teachers and industry experts all teaching classes and put your learning and well being as priority No. 1. The level of respect I’m shown is unlike any other classroom experience I’ve had, having attended three colleges prior. My professors have opened their networks and give a head start over other colleges. At my current internship the Mines reputation is well known thanks to a legacy of professors who know how to produce a helluva engineer.”


Ryan, Computer Science, Colorado Springs, Colo.

“One of the great parts about being in the classroom at Mines are the engaging teachers. Always reach out to upperclassmen and their experiences with teachers to maximize your experience at Mines.”


Kylee, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Grand Junction, Colo.

“Professors all have different personalities and style, allowing for students to find what works best for them. They’re all enjoyable to learn from and knowledgeable in their respective fields. Some professors may not be ideal for you to learn from, but that’s okay because there’s so much opportunity to adjust for yourself.”


Elise, Computer Science, Monument, Colo.

“Even during virtual classes, teachers found ways to make lectures fun. An unexpected benefit of online classes was that everything was recorded, immortalizing the moment our teacher accidentally lost their grip on a pen and flung it across the classroom during a particularly passionate lecture!”


Michelle, Mechanical Engineering, Houston, Texas

“Despite starting my first year of college during a global pandemic, I’ve learned that each professor has an individual teaching style that makes their classroom unique. Not only this, but the way the professors connect with the students makes the classroom feel welcoming and safe.”