Outside the Classroom

Outside the Classroom

Joining a club, organization or team (or 12)

Orediggers march to the beat of their own drum (sometimes in flannel).

Mines may be known for our academic rigor, but we know our students have other interests beyond the classroom that are just as important. Whether you want to join Greek Life, a professional society, Climbing Club or even find others who love Pokémon, you can pursue your interests and have fun. Oh, and that recent SME design competition? You can bet a Mines team took home a top prize.  

What to expect

  • More than 200 clubs and organizations to choose from
  • Unlimited events and activities to participate in each semester
  • Become an active part of the Mines community


Explore hidden talents, ideas, passions


Develop leadership and life skills

two people high-fiving

Make new friends and have fun

Open to

All Orediggers


During the academic year


Golden, Colo.

Students dancing for Arts At Mines.

Even if you don’t know Caleb Kotter, you’d recognize him. Known across campus as the Unicycle Man, Caleb is commonly seen riding across campus on his one wheel. He even rides the length of the E-Days Orecart Pull to downtown Denver!

starOredigger reviews


Luke, Computer Science, Littleton, Colo.

“For future students, join clubs! I know it’s a cliché, but every club is always happy to see another person with interest on the topic(s) of the club. Not to mention it’s a great way to meet other students and make friends while destressing with something you enjoy.” 


Brenna, Civil Engineering, Colorado Springs, Colo.

“Don’t be afraid to sign up for any and all clubs you might be interested in. There’s truly something at Mines for everyone, and if you see something missing, you can easily start your own club and get funding from the school. I would highly recommend joining some of the professional societies, like Society of Women Engineers (SWE) or the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).” 


Grant, Electrical Engineering, Fort Worth, Texas

“I’m the current president or co-president of three clubs as a senior. Joining clubs is the best thing you can do outside of school.” 


Emily, Chemical Engineering, Golden, Colo.

“Getting involved in clubs and intramurals is a really great idea to help you continue or explore interests. It is also a great way to meet new people.” 


Matthew, Computer Science, Berthoud, Colo.

“Do not be afraid to try something new. Engage with any club that looks even remotely interesting. Who knows, you might find something you really enjoy that you did not expect to.” 


Lanie, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Colorado Springs, Colo.

“I really found a family in student orgs. My sense of purpose and community and direction in life really did come from my involvement in student orgs.” 


Celeste, Civil Engineering, Albuquerque, N.M.

“I race for the Club Cycling team, and I am a member and officer of the ASCE chapter at Mines. Cycling not only helped me explore the state of Colorado, but through them, I found lifelong friends in the cycling community. ASCE also helped me find lifelong friends—the chapter cultivates that feeling of ‘I belong here.’ Plus, ASCE brings companies over to present (so building connections for jobs), and you get free food!” 


Gabriel, Computer Science, Venezuela

“Joining clubs is a WONDERFUL way to get to connect with people of similar interests. Have an interest in games? Join the Game Development Club! Like playing board games? Board Game Club is for you. Love sports? There are dozens of those clubs for you to dive into! To make the most of it all, I’d say get yourself out there, research and pick the ones that stand out to you the most. You do not want to overwork yourself, just keep that in mind.” 


KC, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Juneau, Alaska

“Join a club! Or a team! I cannot stress this enough. It will provide a stress relief outlet, you’ll find something you love doing, and make friends while doing it. Keep showing up, schedule the time for it, and if you spend a year in a club and decide you want something different, start your own club.” 


Colleen, Engineering, Cimarron, N.M.

I have joined SO MANY clubs on campus. I am an HVAC designer for the Mines Tiny House and Solar Decathlon Team, and a part of the Visual and Performing Arts Themed Learning Community, The Society of Women Engineers, Acts of Random Kindness, Socially Responsible Scientists and Engineers, Hike for Help, Teach@Mines, Ballroom Dancing Club and more! I truly believe in the importance of being an involved member of the community, and I do this by pursuing all of my passions. You can be a part of as many clubs and organizations as you want as long as you learn how to balance your commitments and schoolwork effectively!”