Why Mines?

Out of some 2,600 accredited four-year colleges and universities in the U.S., Colorado School of Mines consistently ranks among the top 100. Here, 5,800 students study engineering and applied science via a curriculum geared toward responsible stewardship of the earth and its resources. While Mines has some of the highest admission standards of public universities nationwide, the school’s size promotes a strong community. Beyond the classroom, more than 50 percent of Mines students participate in some formal sports opportunity. Mines students also explore personal interests and hone leadership skills through professional associations and participation in more than 200 student organizations.

Located in the heart of Golden, Colo., Mines offers a safe campus with spectacular views and an environment that is both tranquil and exciting. The academics are challenging, yet the Rocky Mountains are a stress-free zone offering an abundance of recreational activities. And Denver is just a short distance away with museums, professional sports and more.

Your son or daughter will study advanced engineering, mathematics, applied science, economics and the humanities and social sciences, preparing for a rewarding career and a meaningful life in a diverse and global community.

Job placements are high, starting salaries average $68,000 per year, and Mines graduates are always proud to display their silver diplomas, a symbol that connects them with other outstanding Mines graduates around the world.

Check out the Career Center and the Center for Academic Services and Advising (CASA) for more information.