New Employees

New employees should be able to purchase parking permits online (see instructions below). If you encounter any difficulties fill out the New Employee Form and email it to parking@mines.edu. Once the form has been processed, you will receive instructions for purchasing a permit.


Permit Renewal

Employees may choose to pay for their permits via a monthly deduction from their paycheck. These permits renew monthly until Parking is notified to cancel the permit or if the employee leaves Mines. If the permit is pre-paid then the permit must be paid for in full at time of expiration and cannot be renewed automatically. 

Types of campus permits

  • Commuter permits allow parking exclusively within all Commuter lots and areas identified on the campus map in yellow.
  • General permits allow parking within all General lots identified on the campus map in blue, on streets within the campus boundaries, Commuter lots, and along Tangent Way in Mines Park.
  • Garage General permits allow parking in the garage at 1400 Maple St and in Commuter lots.
  • Reserved permits allow for parking exclusively in the specific Reserved lot (red on the campus map) that they are assigned, and in Commuter lots. All Reserved permits are currently sold out and must be requested by adding your name to the waitlist for the Reserved lot you are interested in. Employees can be on up to three waitlists at one time.



Annual campus permit rates for Faculty and Staff are the same as for students.

COMMUTER PARKING AREAS ONLY $130/year ($10.84/month) $130/year ($10.84/month)
GENERAL PARKING, includes campus streets $330/year ($27.50/month) $330/year ($27.50/month)
RESERVED PARKING in designated lot only $497/year ($41.42/month) $497/year ($41.42/month)
GARAGE GENERAL (opening Spring 2020) $475/year ($39.58/month) $475/year ($39.58/month)
GARAGE RESERVED (opening Spring 2020) $800/year ($66.66/month) $800/year ($66.66/month)

(The monthly rates reflect the monthly payroll deduction amounts for employees as paid over a 12-month period.)

Purchasing a permit online

Parking permits may be purchased online or at the Parking office. Follow the steps below to make an online permit purchase:

  1. Verify that your Mines email has been set up for at least three days.
  2. Follow this link to log in to your parking portal using your single sign on password.
  3. Once logged in, select “GET PERMITS”
  4. Select which permit you would like to purchase.
  5. Review and agree to the Parking Policy.
  6. Select which vehicles will be utilizing the permit. Only one vehicle is allowed to park on campus at a time.
  7. Verify that all license plate information is correct as permitting is enforced via license plate recognition software.
  8. After selecting vehicles, the system will prompt you to checkout. Choose your desired form of payment from the drop down menu (e.g. “Payroll Deduction”) then press “Pay Now” to complete the transaction. Do not add or purchase more than one permit.
  9. Once the checkout process has been completed, a verification receipt will become available. This confirms your purchase and no further action need be taken.
  10. All permits are virtual, no decals will be issued, nor need to be displayed in the windshield.

After reviewing the Parking Policy, click HERE to purchase a permit.

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