Frequently Asked Questions

If my vehicle becomes disabled, how can I prevent getting a ticket?

Call Parking Services at 303-273-3100 or email and describe the problem. Explain when you will be able to resolve it and be sure to leave a contact number so we can reach you.

If I become temporarily handicapped, will Parking Services provide a permit to park in HC spaces?

If a handicap permit is needed, a note from your doctor should be provided to your local DMV office for a temporary handicap placard.  The HC placard, as well as your current campus permit, must be displayed while parked in a handicap space.

Can I use my annual permit for more than one vehicle?

Yes, annual campus permits can be used on up to three vehicles. However, only one vehicle can be on campus at one time

Can I leave my car parked overnight on campus?

Parking overnight on campus is not permitted except for resident students. Contact Parking Services for specific information before leaving your vehicle on campus overnight.

What about Christmas Break?

For safety purposes and ease of snow removal, Public Safety and Parking Services request vehicles are left in LOT AA during Christmas break; this includes residents of Mines Park. Vehicles left on campus overnight must display a valid parking permit.

What if I am driving a rental vehicle?

If you will be driving a rental vehicle you can still utilize your annual campus permit. To do so, add the rental vehicle to your account online or contact Parking Services for assistance.

Where can my guests park?

During enforcement hours, guests are required to have a valid annual or daily Mines parking permit when parked on campus and in Mines Park.  Refer to the Visitor page for more information.

Where can I park on campus if I don't have a permit?

You will need to park in a daily/hourly permitted spot. All campus streets and parking lots require a valid annual or daily campus parking permit, including Mines Park. Parking without a permit or meter receipt will result in a parking citation.

Will I be able to change from my current permit type to another permit type during the year?

Some permits sell out very early and might not be available. Contact Parking Services when you wish to change permit types.

If I get a ticket while driving my friend’s car, who will get charged?

Parking tickets are charged to the permit holder or the registered owner. A moving violation on campus will be charged to the violator.

When leaving for the summer, may I leave my car at my Mines Park residence while I’m gone?

Vehicles not moving within a 2-week period can be considered abandoned. Residents leaving their vehicles for long periods of time should contact Parking Services and complete an Extended Parking Request Form.

Non-residents may not leave their vehicle on campus overnight without permission from Parking Services.

I have a small scooter that I drive to campus. Can I park it in the bicycle racks?

ALL scooters, mopeds and motorcycles must display a parking permit while parked on campus. ELECTRIC mopeds may park in bicycle racks with a visible Mines parking permit. Gas-powered motorcycles and scooters must be parked away from buildings, just as vehicles, and may also park in the white cross-hatched areas at the end of parking rows except when next to a handicapped space.

If I disagree with the outcome of my appeal, who can overturn the referee decision?

All appeal decisions are final and binding upon both the appellant and Parking Services. Appeals may NOT be petitioned further.

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