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Starzer Service Scholarship


Starzer Service Scholarship

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Established in 2012, the Starzer Service Scholarship supports and develops service-minded students at the Colorado School of Mines. Founded by Mike ’83 and Patty ’83 Starzer, the Starzer Service Scholarship cultivates humble, mission-driven servant leaders.  Starzer Service Scholars belong to a close-knit campus community focused on humility, meaningful service, and mission impact. Community programming includes learning sessions with nonprofit leaders, skill-building workshops on communication and fundraising, and service opportunities.

Starzer Service Scholars receive a meaningful and substantial financial award each year. Preference is given to graduating high school students from the state of Colorado, but out of state and International students will be considered and are encouraged to apply. Compelling scholarship candidates demonstrate a commitment to community service, outreach, or mission-based work.

“Our hope is that by giving to the university, Mines students, faculty and programs remain secure and continue to thrive so that future generations may prosper and the business and economics of our nation remain strong.”

Patty Starzer '83

Vice Chair - Mines Board of Trustees and Starzer Foundation Benefactor

PASCAL Center Contacts:  Primary Contact: Jeri Brewer and Aubrey Kray

The Starzer Service Scholarship Program offers scholars $5,000-$10,000 per year and funds may be used for expenses including tuition, books, fees and room and board.

The Starzer Service Scholarship is a tight-knit student community. Students meet regularly for professional development workshops, guest lectures, luncheons with Mike and Patty Starzer, social and service events.

Starzer Service Scholars also benefit from wraparound support, one-on-one advising, and specialized professional development events through the PASCAL Center. 

Applicant Requirements

  • Preference to residents of the State of Colorado.
  • First-year student with demonstrated financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Students who demonstrate a commitment to deepening their understanding and appreciation of service, humility, and compassion.
  • Students with evidence of or a genuine interest in servant leadership, including but not limited to community engagement, mission-based efforts, or volunteer history.
  • Finalists will be invited to interview with the review committee.

The Starzer Service Scholar Program honors a diversity of strengths, identities, interests, and backgrounds. If you feel that you meet the requirements listed above, we would be delighted to learn more about you through your application. If you have additional questions about the Starzer Service Scholarship program, please contact Jerilin Brewer at jerilinbrewer@mines

Colorado School of Mines Scholarship Disclaimer

We encourage students to apply for all available scholarships for which they are eligible. However, students may be restricted from participating in multiple scholarship cohorts. If a student is selected for more than one scholarship, the student may be required to select their top choice. Once scholarship offers are made, guidance will be provided to the student and family to assist with this choice, if applicable.

  1. Please complete the Mines General Scholarship Application.
  2. Please respond to the three short scholarship questions on the scholarship portal. Questions can be found on the “Application Questions” tab.
  3. Finalists will be invited to interview with the review committee. 

Important Dates and Deadlines:

  • Application opens: Nov 15
  • Application deadline: EXTENDED until April 1 
  • Interviews: April 15-21

Please respond concisely to the following three short answer prompts. We value quality over quantity.

  • How have you demonstrated a commitment to your community and how has this made you a better leader? Please provide a specific example. Note: a community can be your immediate family, extended family, neighborhood, school, church, organization/team, city, etc.
  • The Starzer Service Scholarship focuses on humility, mission, and service. What’s the most important thing that you’ve learned through service? How do you apply this learning in your day-to-day life?
  • What service project would you like to be involved in while at Mines? Note: this can be a service project you are already involved in, or something you are interested in engaging in while in college. Service projects can be completed on campus, in Golden, or in the greater Denver Metropolitan area.