Past Events & Workshops

Stick it to Stigma

We created a mural in Brown Hall out of sticky notes on how students help their mental health. This event also encourages students to end the stigma around mental health. 

Colorado Denim Day

We promoting wearing denim to stand in solidarity with sexual assault victims.

Kindness Week Challenge

During kindness week, we challenged Mines students to show kindness to one another.

Clothesline Project

Exhibiting student designed shirts to promote consent and unwanted sexual advancements.

30 Days of SAMM

Posts for every day of April on the Mines Peer Education Instagram page to bring awareness to sexual assault prevention and available resources.

Speed Aquatinting

It’s like speed dating but we are helping Mines students connect with others during the pandemic.

National Stalking Awareness Month

January was national stalking awareness month. We used Instagram to educate students on the signs of stalking and the resources available.

World Bipolar Day

We educated students on bipolar disorder and worked to end the stigma around it.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

We taught students about eating disorders through Instagram throughout the week.

Self Harm Awareness Month

March was self harm awareness month. We used social media to educate students on how to help others that are victims.

World Sleep Day

It is important to get enough sleep each night. We gave tea away and promoted healthy sleeping habits.

Munch Madness

Taught students strategies to eat healthy through competition.

Alcohol Awareness

Encouraging students and their peers to drink responsibly during the month of April.

National Clean Your Desk Day

During to start of the new semester, we encouraged students to start the semester off right. It is difficult to take classes and do homework at your desk when it is untidy.

Red Flag Campaign

100 flags with signs of unhealthy relationships were on Kafadar for a week accompanied by a sign explaining the project.

Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month

We educated Mines students on singes of domestic violence and resources on campus during the month of October.

Digital Consent

Shared the importance of digital consent and setting boundaries.

World Smile Day

We shared our reasons for smiling through Instagram.

International Stress Awareness Day

We encouraged students to share how they destress through social media platforms.

World Kindness Day

We put up 24 yard singes across campus to encourage students through difficult times.

Flu Shots

Encouraging students to get their free flu shot during flu season.

Bae Goals

Using tabling to promote healthy relationships.

Purple Thursday

Takeover of Mines Instagram for Domestic Violence Awareness.

Self-Defense Workshop

Hosted a self-defense workshop to prevent harm to victims of domestic violence

National Suicide Prevention Month

We shared common signs of suicidal ideation and ways to help yourself and others if they are feeling suicidal.

Celebrating Student Achievement with Cookies


Monday, November 18 2019 from 8:30 pm to 9:10 pm

The goal of the program was to spread positivity and excitement on campus during academically challenging times, and allowing students to learn that they are smart, successful, and cared about on the Mines campus.  The target audience was undergraduate students who are taking the calculus I & II common exams. Calculus is often regarded as a difficult class, so spreading positive vibes after such an
exam was valuable. More than 880 cookies were distributed. The atmosphere was wonderful. Students were very excited about the treat and some stopped to learn more about peer education at Mines.

World Kindess Day Hot Chocolate Station + Yard Sign Campaign

.Wednesday, November 13 2019, 10 AM to 1 PM

Handed out free hot chocolate with inspiring messages on the cups for World Kindness Day

Healthy Ramen Nutrition Tabling

Monday, October 28 2019, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

The table housed a healthy ramen station to feed students and inform them of healthy eating by providing ramen packs, various produce, sauce, and information cards.

Purple Thursday

Wednesday, October 23 2019 and Thursday, October 24 2019, 11AM to 1 PM

Tabling for Purple Thursday for Domestic Violence Awareness with Healthy Relationships activity.

You@Mines Outreach Tabling

September 24-26 2019, 10 AM to 2 PM

Tabling to promote the YOU@Mines website. Students were encouraged log in to their account and walk through the website to demonstrate the resources available at YOU@Mines.