Trainings that our Peer Education Program offers:

Healthy Relationships (45-60 minutes)

Escalation Workshop on Campus Dating Violence (90 minutes)

Sexual Assault Prevention – Bystander Intervention (45-60 minutes)

Oredigger Bystander Intervention (45-60 minutes)

Resilience Training for Students (60 minutes)

  • Learn how to build resilience in order to thrive at Mines! Resilient people are more likely to:
  • Succeed in the day-to-day demands of school, work, and relationships
  • Bravely meet challenges and obstacles and stay strong through them
  • Know when to ask for help and support when they need it
  • Know how to keep themselves in good shape by resting and getting what they need in order to be their best self
  • Develop and sustain positive relationships built on trust & mutual respect
  • Have a sense of purpose and goals for the future

Stress Management (60 minutes)

Stalking Prevention for Student Leaders (45-60 minutes) 


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