Trainings that our Peer Education Program offers:

Healthy Relationships (45-60 Minutes)

Healthy Relationships Workshop is an interactive workshop educating on healthy and unhealthy relationship qualities. This workshop covers the connection between healthy relationships and overall health, wellness and safety, 10 signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and available resources. There will be time to practice identifying signs of healthy and unhealthy qualities in any friendship or romantic relationship. 

Escalation Workshop: College Dating Violence Prevention (90 Minutes)

The Escalation Workshop focuses on college dating violence prevention. 

Bystander Intervention (45-60 minutes)

The Bystander Intervention training helps participants develop skills for intervening in a variety of situations where someone is in need of help. Specific scenarios Bystander Intervention can focus on include: sexual assault prevention, mental health awareness, drug and alcohol and hazing.

Resilience Training for Students (60 Minutes)

Learn how to build resilience in order to thrive at Mines! Resilient people are more likely to:

  • Succeed in the day-to-day demands of school, work, and relationships.
  • Bravely meet challenges and obstacles and stay strong through them.
  • Know when to ask for help and support when they need it.
  • Know how to keep themselves in good shape by resting and getting what they need in order to be their best self.
  • Develop and sustain positive relationships built on trust & mutual respect.
  • Have a sense of purpose and goals for the future.
Stalking Awareness Training (45-60 Minutes)

Stalking Awareness Training provide stalking prevention and response for student leaders. 

Stress Management and Life Balance Workshop (60 Minutes)

The Stress Management and Life Balance Workshop provides tips and tools for Mines students to manage stress. 

Suicide Awareness Through Art (60 or 120 Minutes)

Suicide Awareness Through Art is a painting class that features awareness and prevention of suicide and mental health stigma reduction. 

Combatting Imposter Syndrome with a Growth Mindset (60 Minutes)

By attending this workshop, students, staff and faculty will learn characteristics of imposter syndrome, how to identify and combat problematic thinking barriers, and practice utilizing a growth mindset when experiencing thoughts of imposter syndrome.

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