Alleged File Sharing Notice


Responsible Administrative Unit: Information & Technology Solutions

Policy Contact: Chief Information Security Officer, Monique Sendze (msendze@mines.edu)

Notice to Students Regarding Alleged Illegal File Sharing

CSM has received a copyright infringement notification that has been tracked to your computer or computer account. Distributing copyrighted information without the copyright holder¹s permission is a violation of CSM policy as well as federal law. You need to insure that you are not distributing copyrighted information, either by securing your connection such that others do not have access to the copyrighted information or by removing the copyrighted information from your computer.

Once you have confirmed that you are not allowing the distribution of unauthorized copyrighted information, you must bring a signed and dated letter to the Associate Dean of Students in the office of Student Life (Student Center, room 218) stating that you are not now and will not in the future make copyrighted information available for distribution. If this letter is not received before {insert date}, disciplinary action may be pursued that could result in the termination of your network connection(s) or computer accounts. Please contact the Associate Dean of Students if you have any questions.

Finally, please be aware that there are a variety of legal alternatives for obtaining music, videos and other digital content.