Campus Closures and Severe Weather Policy


Responsible Administrative Unit: Human Resources

Policy Contact: Director of Human Resources, Christine Homer (chomer@mines.edu)

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The Colorado School of Mines (Mines) is an educational, research, and residential campus. From time to time, circumstances arise that cause the School to close its operations. Examples of these instances include events such as weather emergencies, area or state emergencies declared by local or state authorities, or other similar instances. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance regarding how the decision to close Mines is made and communicated to students, faculty, and staff.


It is the policy of the Colorado School of Mines to maintain teaching, research, public service, and operational activities in accordance with established schedules and availability. The suspension or cancellation of classes or the temporary suspension of campus operations will be avoided whenever possible.

Mines does not cease operations for potential travel or weather hazards. Students, faculty, and staff are urged to use discretion and judgment not to endanger their individual safety in order to travel to campus. In the event of a weather emergency, one should carefully weigh the risks of travel to and from the place of study or work, utilizing the best available public news information or contacts to Mines offices able to be open.

In the event the campus community or State of Colorado comes under a state of emergency, Mines will follow emergency procedures outlined by the appropriate authorities.


3.1 Decision. The President is authorized by the Board of Trustees to suspend operations of Mines temporarily in the event of an emergency. The President may delegate authority to suspend operations to the Provost and to the Executive Vice President for Administration and Operations.

3.2 Events. Rescheduling of individual events, activities, plays, athletics games, or programs are the responsibility of the person authorized to schedule the event.

3.3 Classes; Offices. If Mines classes are cancelled due to circumstances such as severe weather, offices will also be closed. Work responsibilities for all staff members will cease, except those functions designated as essential to safety or restoring the campus to normal operations.

3.4 Media; Information. Authorized Mines officials will notify local news agencies of any temporary closure. Media outlets notified include:

  • Radio – 850 KOA.
  • TV – KWGN Channel 2,
  • KCNC Channel 4,
  • KMGH Channel 7,
  • KUSA Channel 9, and
  • KDVR FOX 31.

Additionally, Mines will create a general voice mail message about closure on Mines’ main switchboard at 303-273-3000. The Mines Emergency Alert system (MEA) will be used to communicate closures to students, faculty, and staff enrolled in the program. Closure notices will be communicated on the Mines’ homepage @ mines.edu.

3.5 Re-open. A normal schedule will follow on the next business day unless media outlets, MEA, and the voice messaging system again announce a temporary suspension of operations.


4.1 Designation. “Essential” employees are in jobs where a primary reason for the jobs existence is to provide for campus safety or to respond in emergency situations (e.g., Residence Life, Public Safety, and Facilities Management). Designation as “essential” must be made by the Appointing Authority and communicated to the employee in writing. Non-essential employees (not designated “essential”) for purposes of safety or restoring campus operations may be called in for urgent and mission critical circumstances. Supervisors should consider the actual need and safety of individuals that may be affected by coming to work during a campus closure.

4.2 Compensation.

4.2.1 Overtime and compensatory time for essential employees during times of closure are calculated the same as would occur during any work week. Note: Mines, in accordance with federal law, established its regular workweek to be Saturday through the following Friday. The workweek is used in order to determine when overtime or compensatory time occurs.

4.2.2 Overtime-eligible, non-essential employees (non-exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and its amendments) who are required to work during periods of official closure will receive both their regular pay and pay for the closure period. Instead of double pay, the employee may be given compensatory time or given a period off equivalent to their time worked during the closure.

4.3 Leave Reporting.

4.3.1 Employees are not required to report an absence due to campus closure in the leave reporting system.

4.3.2 Employees who requested vacation or sick leave prior to the announced emergency closure and were approved will be paid on the basis of their previously approved vacation or sick leave. Retroactive changes to leave calendars may not be made.

4.3.3 Loss of work time (due to personal choice) because of severe weather when Mines is in operation is considered an absence. If compensatory time or vacation leave is not available or used, leave without pay will be charged for the time of absence. Employees should consult with supervisors about the proper way to charge their time.


Failure to follow the policy may result in disciplinary action to the person based on the category and applicable rules.


The policy will be reviewed at least annually or as needed by the Responsible Administrative Unit.

Issued: January 15, 2009.
Revised: January 28, 2009
Revised: February 9, 2017 (reformatted into template, procedural updates, title updated to Campus from School; history, keywords, & resources added)

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