Mines Policy Library

Data Policies

    • Administrative Data Policy
      The policy protects the Mines administrative data from accidental or intentional unauthorized access, damage, alteration or
      disclosure, while also preserving the ability of authorized users to access and use administrative data for appropriate purposes.
    • Data Code of Conduct 
      The Mines Data Code of Conduct has been established as guiding principles for University employees who steward and/or handle Mines data.
    • IT Security Practices and Guidelines
      Guidelines and required practices that Mines’ community members must follow when using or accessing institutional resources or data.
    • Student Data Access Policy
      The policy defines the responsibilities of those employees who require access to student data in order to carry out their specifically assigned educational or administrative responsibilities.
    • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy
      FERPA provides certain rights with respect to education records of students.
    • Privacy Statement
      The policy supports the protection of individual privacy, ensuring the confidentiality of personally identifiable information of employees, students or visitors.
    • Human Subjects Research Protection Policy
      The policy and procedures for all research involving human subjects to ensure compliance with State of Colorado and federal regulations.
    • Export Controls Procedure Manual
      Procedures to follow when there is a transfer of information out of the U.S. or specific services provided to a foreign national.
    • Campus Security Camera Policy 
      The policy governs the use of CCTV cameras to monitor public areas to help deter crime and to assist the Office of Public Safety in protecting the safety of persons and property on campus.
    • Records Retention Policy
      The policy governing the use and retention of data by Mines.