Disposition of Equipment Upon a Faculty Member’s Departure


Responsible Administrative Unit: Office of Research Administration

Policy Contact: Director of Research Administration, Johanna Eagan (jeagan@mines.edu)


No absolute policy governs the disposition of inventoried equipment when a faculty member terminates his or her employment with CSM. The disposition is considered on a case-by-case basis. The following guidelines will serve as a beginning for negotiations.

  1. Decisions should not stand in the way of research, as long as allowable by applicable law.
  2. For equipment purchased with a grant or contract:
    1. if sponsor retains title to the equipment, the sponsor will make the disposition decision.
    2. if CSM retains title to the equipment, the disposition may be negotiated as described below.
  3. If the equipment was purchased with internal start-up funds or a significant portion of the purchase was matched by CSM, the equipment may be considered part of CSM’s infrastructure and will remain with CSM.
  4. In some cases, a faculty member may have purchased an accessory to a piece of equipment. Negotiations for trade or purchase will be considered.
  5. If the faculty member is going to a for-profit institution, negotiations may be considered for purchase of the equipment.
  6. If the faculty member wishes to take a piece of equipment that was donated, approval must be obtained from the CSM Foundation and/or Institutional Advancement, and possibly the donor.

To transfer equipment upon termination, the employee must submit a written request to his/her Department Head which includes:

  • An itemized list of the equipment;
  • Name of the purchasing sponsor; and
  • Any correspondence from the sponsor addressing the transfer.

If equipment for transfer falls within 2, 4, 5, or 6 above, the employee must propose a plan for trade or purchase.

Upon Department Head approval of the transfer, the request will go to the Vice President for Research & Technology Transfer for approval, then to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval. In the event one person in the chain does not approve of the transfer, an appeal must be filed with the next person in the chain. Final decision making authority in an appeal rests with the President.

For more detailed information please go to the CSM Property Manual.